Zane Behrend talks with Madhouse before Rumble at the Roseland 64!

Tomorrow night, Oregon’s most renown amateur promotion, the Full Contact Fighting Federation, returns to the Roseland Theater for Rumble at the Roseland 64! With a hefty card on hand for the evening, highlighted with four title bouts, and three women’s bouts, fans are in store for a night stacked* of great fights!

Zane Behrend of Team Quest

Before this night of MMA action begins, MMAmadhouse had a few minutes to talk with one of the most explosive, and entertaining fighters on the card – Zane Behrend of Team Quest, before he steps into the coveted ‘Slammer’ once again to do battle.

“I just train to be as brutal as I can,” Zane talked about his approach to training for this fight. Having opponents changed only weeks before a fight has been an unfortunate commonplace for Behrend in his amateur career, and once again his opponent had been changed only a week from the fight date.

“I fight whoever I can, you know. I’ll do whatever it takes in a fight to win, it doesn’t mean anything to me who it is, who I’m fighting, what their records are, how big they are, I’m just there to fight. Win or lose, I’m just out there to have a good time and put on a show for the crowd and hopefully come up with the ‘W’. I’ll be coming out with the ‘W’ this time for sure, I’m too pissed off about not eating.”

Zane discussed his upcoming match, only two days away at the time and amidst the peak of his weight cutting process.

Zane submits Kacey Ladore

“A few days out, I don’t think about him too much. I think about food. I’ll probably be dreaming about food tonight.

“After I meet the guy I’m fighting, that’s when I’ll start to think about him. I don’t know anything about this guy, I try not to think about him too much and I don’t want to psyche myself up. Stay easy, stay cool. Just like any sport, I never got nervous for football or wrestling matches. It’s exactly the same thing.”

And Zane holds a very realist slogan for the experience ahead on Saturday night.

“Nine minutes of hell, and you’ll be out in a jiffy.”

Fans, friends, sparring partners, and previous opponents, all know that Zane is known for his big smile, and big personality. Team Quest’s infamous “Tough Tuesday and Thursday’s” have been invaded by his infectious charisma, and Hawaiian shorts, claiming ground for “Casual Tuesday’s and Thursday’s”.

“I think just having a good attitude, being happy as much as possible,” Zane talked about his constant positive attitude.

“It’s annoying as hell to the guy you’re fighting. Seeing you smiling and laughing all the time, chuckling in the corner. It’s not going to give them the edge at all, and it’s going to give me the edge if anything.

“I just like to bring smiles to the faces, any way I can do that. Especially in the sport of fights. It’s the most aggressive, brutal sport in the world right now. If I can bring some smiles out of that, I think it just shows people how much I like the sport. Other than just wanting to be an aggressive dick all the time – excuse the language.”

Zane TKO’s Chico Sosa

With his upcoming bout, Zane looks to show improvements to his growing mixed martial arts game. Competing since 2008, he talked about his entrance into MMA competition.

“Actually, a lot of people don’t know this but I was 17. That was a big no-no on my part. I forged my documents and said I was 18, and I was only 17. It was a hell of a fight though, it went all three rounds. I just had a high school wrestling background on me, and I just sort of fell in love with it. Even though I was tired and beaten in the cage, I came out and wanted more.”

Zane trained primarily out of a gym in the city of Aloha, OR for much of his amateur career before moving to Tualatin’s Team Quest in December after Zane’s 9-second knockout of Jason Lane at Rumble at the Roseland 60.

Zane talked about his first coach in the sport, and the change to Team Quest.

“He made me tough, but he didn’t teach me technique. So every fight was just a blood-bath. Coming here though, I have the best champions in the nation here and they’re all helping me work on stuff.”

Behrend now feels like he has the coaches and training partners to grow his skills for the next level.

“Having Scott McQuary in my corner is a huge honor because he’s taken guys to the UFC, he’s a coach that’s known around the world now, that Brazil still fears.”

Zane also discussed his rapidly growing ground game.

“I’ve been working a lot of good wrestling with Seth Roy. Lots of takedown defense and takedowns with with Jake Morris. Working a lot of wrestling. I’ve realized how much I like slamming people, so that will be a big weapon of my arsenal, too.  Picking people up and slamming them, or taking them down and pounding them out. That’s a big thing I like doing, and that’s what you can probably expect in this fight.

“I’ve been wanting to display my mixed martial arts. I want to show more than just my knockout power. I really want to wrestle somebody, I want to throw somebody with a judo toss. I just want to showcase what I have and just listen to my coach. I’m going to cut him off, trap him, and do whatever I can to beat him.

“I’ll take anything I can, I just want to show everyone that I’m not just a knockout meat-head, that I actually know jiu jitsu, and some judo, I actually know some wrestling, instead of just throwing my haymaker.”

Throughout Zane’s amateur career, he has spent most of his time at the lightweight mark, or in catchweight bouts, climbing as high as welterweight just to line up confirmed fights.

Zane KO’s Jason lane in 9 seconds

“This is my first time at 145 since high school wrestling. So it will be very interesting, I think I will be very strong there, and big. I’m still going to be the short guy in the fight. I’m sick of the tall lanky guys, so I think this will get me a shot at fighting some of the shorter guys. But my opponent now is still 5’11, tall, lanky, but it’s not going to help him when he’s knocked down on the ground.”

Zane discussed his approach to his amateur fights, a record lined with tough fights in several weight classes.

“I fight anybody with any specialty. If they’re a good kickboxer, give me them. If they’re a good jiu jitsu guy, give me them. If I lose, I’m definitely going to take something from it. I let the promoters pick it out for me, because the promoters never like me as much as the fighters, so they give me the harder fights. So it’s a good thing for me, I always like getting a tough fight. I never want an easy fight, just because I don’t want to walk away with a win that felt like stealing candy from a baby.

I’d rather come out bloody and sweaty in the end, and still say ‘I won’, give me the tough fights. Ground guys, kickboxer, whatever, give it to me.”

Counting down the hours until he could eat and hydrate, Zane discussed his post weigh-in relief.

Zane Behrend at UCS – Caged Wars

“I’m not an angel after I weigh in, I’ll eat almost anything I can get my hands on, but I try to keep it as clean as possible.”

As well, Zane discussed his well-known post-fight habit. As soon as each fight is over, Zane’s biggest fan is always waiting.

“I got to give my Mom a kiss first. That’s a big ritual for me, she’s my number one fan.” Zane talked about his family’s encouragement in the sport of MMA.

“It’s really good to have some support too, to let you know you’re not alone. And they kind of struggle with it too, they deal with my bad attitude while I’m cutting weight.”

Fans can still get tickets for this event at, and you can follow Zane Behrend on Facebook. If you can’t make it out to the fights this weekend, look for all sorts of coverage here on

We will also be talking with Zane again after this weekend to talk about the outcome of his fight, and about his future goals in the sport!

Zane Behrend with Team Madhouse

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