Xtreme Combat 4 – Battle in Plattsburgh Results sponsored by GFL.TV

Xtreme Combat 4  2/16/2013

Dakota Giguere wins the XCP TITLE with a UD win over Ian Beatease

Bruce Richards def David Domina via DEC

Todd Duval def Jay Bleeker via KO RD1

Sam Salhany def Zach Ayotte via Armbar RD1

Jessie Hallman def Josh Ryan via TKO RD1

Willie Brown def Cody Ashline via UD

Brandon Bourgeois def Alejandro Washburn via TKO RD2

Jody Ashline def Albert Tulley via SUB RD2 (triangle)

Tristan Long vs Matt Provost via DRAW

Haidar Steve Shbeeb def Cory Williams via TKO RD1

Darryl Martinez def Brennan Smith  via Triangle RD3

Edward Lee def Cody Sanfordvia TKO RD1

Ricky Sylvester def Billy Mayette  via KO RD2

Lloyd Clarke def Andre Gil via TKO RD2

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