XFN 7 Results

Harvey Suarez defeats ‘Nemo’ Cepeda via RNC 1:34 1st round

TJ Arrington defeats mohammad Aziz via RNC :49 seconds in the 1st Round

Bryan Porritt defeats Corey Alcorn via KO :27 seconds 1st Round…

Pablo Valequios Defeats George palmer via RNC 1st round 2:56

Brandon McDougal def. Charlie Mills UD.

Ed Clline def Matt Gonzales 11 sec TKO 1st Rd.

Kathina Catron Defeats Katy Collin 55 sec. into the 2nd

Jarrett Rouse def. Brandon Phillips via UD

Jesse Chaffin Def Vasquez 1:53 1st round TKO

Bryan McVae Def. Johnny McKibben via UD

Wes nofire def. Shannon Caudle 53 second KO

Randy Blake defeats brandon Gaines ref stoppage 2nd round

Myron Dennis def. John King…. UD

Results from Chris Gregory


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  1. Woo Hoo!!! great show!!! honored to have been a part of it!!!

    Apollo is the best at putting on great fights!!!

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