XFE Fighter Of The Week: Pat Russo


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Fighter Of The Week: Pat Russo

This weeks XFE fighter of the week is 205lb pro fighter  Pat Russo from Allentown PA.   Pat will be making his XFE debut August 17th at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem against Darnell Hayes.

XFE: What is your roll at Hammer?
Pat:  At Hammer training and fitness I am the strength coach as well as a professional fighter.  My job is to make sure my teammates that have approaching fights and grappling tournaments are conditioned and able to over power their opponents.

XFE: What fight in your pro career had the biggest impact on you and why?
Pat: The fight that had the biggest impact on me was on April 15th 2011 at Central PA Warrior challenge in ESU.  I took my opponent too lightly because I figured I had more experience and power due to my years of training and being his elder.  I slacked on training during my camp and made weight the wrong way.   I got a rude awakening that night.  I actually train with that opponent now (Don Cioffi) to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes I did in that fight.  Definitely was an eye opener.

XFE:  Has MMA ever come into play in your job as a police officer?
Pat:  To some aspect MMA has come in to play on numerous occasions. Nothing to the point of ground n pounding a speeder or triangle choking a shop lifter, but def in subduing a belligerent, aggressive intoxicated person or breaking up a domestic.

XFE:  If given the chance to attend a fight camp with any fighter or school who or where would it be?
Pat:  That’s actually a tough one, with the amount of great camps out there its def hard to choose but If I had to pick one it would probably be Arizona Combat Sports.  I feel with their coaching staff and fighters that train there its more geared towards my style of fighting.
XFE:  Why they gap in time since your last fight and your upcoming debut at XFE 25?
Pat:  During my last fight in 2011 I once again fell victim to a reoccurring shoulder injury that had cost me my last 3 fights.  I was stupid and never took care of it the right way, always pushing when my body would say to me “Hey moron, we need to heal”.  The last loss is what finally did it for me.  So during the last two years rest I’ve allowed myself to heal and in doing so have been able to train harder and more aggressively.  I’ve put my shoulder to the test with the numerous teams I train with and I have to say I’m pretty confident that I’m 100%.

What is your favorite and least favorite part of being a fighter?
Pat:  My favorite part of being a fighter is probably every fighter’s favorite part…the reputation.  Not everyone can do what we do.  Just cause you run to the mall and buy a Tapout or Affliction shirt does not make you a fighter….you have to earn it.  You have to have the guts to step into that cage, or that ring and know that your willingly about to enter into a fight with somebody who wants to hurt you, who wants to break you in half, you have to realize your probably not walking out as pretty as when you walked in.  It takes a certain kind of crazy to be one of us, one of the elite. I have the utmost respect for everyone one of my brothers and sisters that enter that cage or that ring…. so my favorite part is def the rep of knowing that I’m one of the few and not some couch combatant.  The least favorite part…..THE DIET!!!!! That’s pretty much all I gotta say bout that.

XFE:  What can your fans expect to see from you August 17th at XFE 25?
Pat:  My fans, friends and family can expect to see the real Pat Russo finally come back out to play. I’m 100% healthy, I’m hungry and I’m pissed off, This fights going to go down like there is no tomorrow for me. I’m sure my opponent feels the same, I just hopes hes as ready as I am.

XFE:  Anything else you would like your fans to know about you?
Pat:  As far as anything else I just want to thank my family, friends and teams who have stuck by me through all this insanity over the years.  I have three great teams who i consider more like family than teammates, my family at Hammer Training and Fitness in Allentown, The Chamber in East Stroudsburg and Wilkie’s Warriors in Bridgewater, NJ. Aug 17th I’m gonna make all of them proud when I’m the one getting my hand raised at the end.

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