XFE Fighter Of The Week: Mark Koch

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Fighter Of The Week: Mark Koch

Last weeks XFE Fighter Of The Week was Mark Koch who recently won his debut amateur fight at XFE 24 June 8th at the Sands Casino in his fight against Stephen Freed.
XFE: What inspired you to start training in MMA?
Mark:  I think my weight is what made me start training. I was so fat and out of shape I needed a workout I liked doing. And I’ve always liked fighting.

XFE: How long have you been training at ATT Steele City under UFC Vet Carmelo Marerro?
Mark: I’m pretty sure it’s coming up on tw o years now.    I started training just to lose weight.  I never had any goal of fighting or anything like that. Carmelo kind of talked me into it.  I thought I was too old to start fighting.  I wanted to get in shape but once I got in shape I realized how much I missed competing. ATT definitely changed my life for the better.

XFE: How do you feel fighters from the Bethlehem PA are differ from fighters from a more urban area such as Philadelphia?
Mark:   I don’t think there’s much of a difference besides the fact that Philadelphia probably had a lot more mma schools sooner than we did. I wish I would have started fighting right after high school but I don’t think there was anything around back then.

XFE: You debut fight was delayed a couple times before your fight June 8th at XFE 24, can your fans expect to see you fight on a more regular basis now?
Mark:   I would love to be able to fight every chance I get. The summer months are hard for me to get enough training in because I’m busy with work.  I’ll definitely fight again though as long as I’m ready.

XFE: What do you feel are the advantages and disadvantages of starting your MMA career at 32 years of age?
Mark: I definitely don’t think there are any advantages of starting at 32.  I feel like I cheated myself out of at least ten years of learning by not starting back then.  I know ten years ago I would have been able to put alot more time into the sport and I didn’t have as many responsibilities.

XFE: Before your first amateur MMA fight you lost 30-40lbs, will you continue to fight at 155lbs or are you looking to cut down further?
Mark:  I was 218 when I started training, and that fight was actually at 145. I don’t think I need to cut down any further, I felt good at 145.

XFE: What part of training do you most and least look forward to?
Mark:  I like all aspects of training. I guess what I look forward to the most is getting better in my weakest areas.  I like that there is so much to learn and we have really good coaches and teammates to learn from. It makes it so much easier.

XFE: What are your interests outside of MMA?
Mark:   I like taking my dog to the river to swim or for a walk. Wakeboarding and snowboarding are both fun but I don’t find as much time to get out there anymore.

XFE: Anything else you would like your fans to know about you?
Mark:  I’d like to thank Carmelo Marrero, Tj Febbo, Alec Morales, Christian Corley, Jamal Johnson and Tom Waltemyer. And all my teammates and fans. Thank you!

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