XFE Fighter Of The Week: J.A. Dudley

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Fighter of the week: J.A. Dudley

Our XFE Cage Wars fighter of the week was PRO MMA Fighter J.A. Dudley.   J.A.’s radio interview on 90.7FM along with the last couple of weeks fighters have been delayed, however will resume shortly.

XFE: Having started as an ammy MMA fighter in 2005, what do you feel has changed in the industry since then?
J. A.: The opportunities also the spread of the sport to more places in the world giving fighters more outlets to hone their craft on all levels of marketing, promotion, business negotiations, training, and yes fighting

XFE: As a heavyweight pro fighter, what obstacles do you find at that weight class?
J. A.: My biggest issues in the beginning of my career were cardio…. also the availability to find fights. Promotions say that they are looking but when months go past and you hear nothing you lose the intensity in your training and you get that last minute call to fight on short notice…. then it was fear of not living up to my potential in the cage. the second the cage door locks you think did I put in all the time that I needed to be here… what can I do to win…. will this new technique work… if I get caught with something will I be able to recover… their usually more questions than confidence but your confidence has to be high just to step in the cage

XFE: What advantage or strengths do you bring to a fight?
J. A.: Cardio cardio cardio!!! With my rebel fighting system conditioning program I developed to prepare my self now I teach it to others and get winning results

XFE: If given the chance to have a fight camp with anyone who would it be and why?
J. A.: hmmm that’s called a vacation for me…. anytime that I take off and travel somewhere I find a school nearby and go put in work… when I flew out to visit my brother last year in Arizona I stopped by ‘the lab’ met and trained with John Crouch & Benson Henderson for a few days…. so anyone and everyone where I end up I would like to train with them

XFE: What do you feel is the toughest part of preparing for a fight?
J. A.: it was managing the time to rest… during my pro career I held my day job at Verizon connected solutions (fired march of 2013) worked and managed my security company, ran my photography business, did personal training, raised my son, and oh yeah trained to fight mma.

XFE: With a current PRO record of 6-10, do you feel you are underestimated as an opponent?
J. A.: Not really. I come to fight win or lose… everyone that I have been in the cage with remembers that they were in the cage with me. And quite a few have been afraid to fight me. This is a grind anyone’s number can come up any night so if someone underestimates me fine it will just make my night easer to get my hand raised.

XFE: What are your interests outside of MMA?
J. A.: outside of mma it’s all about family & positive energy… and guns and farming soon hunting definitely mentoring as many that I can reach out to. So to answer living life

XFE: As we approach your PRO fight June 8th at XFE Cage Wars 24 against Carmelo Marrero what can we expect to see from you?
J. A.: Action and non stop movement

XFE: Anything else you would like your fans to know about you?
J. A.: I hope to see you all there make sure to follow me on twitter & instagram @fulmetalartimis also like me on

J.A. will be defending his Heavyweight Pro title belt against Carmen Marrero at XFE Cage Wars 24, June 8that the Sands Casino in Bethlehem PA.    For tickets contact J.A. Dudley, any of the XFE fighters or visit or website at .

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