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Featured fighter: Chris Daukaus

It has been a few weeks since a fighter newsletter has been sent out.   And we return with the hardhitting undefeated heavyweight pro debuter Chris Daukaus.   Chris lead an impressive amateur career of 4 wins against 0 losses, defeating all his opponents in the first round.    XFE is excited for Chris to return to the cage on October 19th at XFE 27 in his pro debut against Bobby Duvall.

XFE: How did you get into mma and becoming a fighter?
Chris: I got into MMA shortly after college, I played college lacrosse for Penn State and came home and was looking for something to keep me in shape and also I was looking for a challenge. So I started to check out local MMA gyms all over the city. After I found the gym I wanted to train with, I started strictly with Jiu-jitsu.  After about three months of training I started doing more and more classes such as Muay Thai and MMA. After months of training I talked to will and expressed my interest in fighting and it went all from there.

XFE: What advantages and disadvantages do you think you face as a heavy weight fighter?

Chris: There are many advantages and disadvantages to being a heavyweight. The most obvious and main reason why people love watching the heavyweights is the high rate of knockouts. It can be a little bit of both when you step into the cage. It’s great because any heavyweight can end the fight with a single strike but that is also the biggest risk.

XFE: You were undefeated as an ammy with a 4 0 record with all wins in the first round, of these 4 wins what opp posed the biggest challenge?

 Of all my opponents I feel that my first opponent, Charles Gamble was the biggest challenge from my ammy career. The reason why is because I was suppose to fight someone else right up until weighins and then both of our opponents backed out and they stuck us together. He’s was older, more experienced and smaller which also made him a little faster then me. It was a bit rough figuring him out in the beginning but as soon as I did it was over.

XFE: what does a normal week of training include for you?
Chris:  A normal week of training for me consists of training 6-7 days a week and sometimes 2 times a day 3 days out of the week depending on my work schedule. I train MMA/Muay Thai every Mon/Wed/Fri and jui jitsu every Tues/Thurs. With Saturday andSunday sparring and wrestling along with free training to tighten up any of the aspects of training I need.XFE: How does your family feel about your involvement in MMA?
Chris:  My family is extremely supportive of my involvement of MMA.  They are always on me about whether I’m training even when I don’t have any fights or competitions lined up. They always want me to push myself and continue to make strides even when there is nothing at stake.XFE: Outside of MMA what are your interests?
Chris:  Outside of MMA I really don’t have any interests, I try and stay focused on training and bettering myself as a fighter and martial artist.

XFE: Where are you currently training?
Chris: I am currently training at Martinez BJJ under the instruction of Will/Jesus Martinez. The school is currently located at 3511 Cottman Ave in Philadelphia, PA.

XFE: As you approach your pro debut at XFE 27, have you made any changes to your previous fight camp?

I haven’t really changed anything up for my fight camp even though I am making my pro debut, we at Martinez BJJ train from the moment you step on the mat like you are fighting a pro fight so I feel that I have always been preparing for this. The only real change to my camp that truly stands out would have to be my wrestling. I’ve always felt like I can move and wrestle better then the majority of the local heavyweights out there but with this influx of training in that specific area I feel almost unstoppable especially if I grab ahold of you.

XFE: What can your fans expect to see from you October 19th?
Chris: My fans can expect me to come out show off a little bit of what my other performances haven’t. They have all ended in the first round but in this fight I truly want to test myself and not rush in swinging like a wild man. I want to be technical, fast, and strong. Every time you go out there you are saying to everyone of your fans this is what I have been working on and this is why you come to see me so I want to give them a performance like something they’ve never seen each and every time if go out there.

XFE: What is something most do not know about you that sets you apart from other fighters?
Chris: One thing most people don’t know about me is that I am a Philadelphia police officer.XFE:  Is there anything else you would like your fans and the mma community to know about you?
Nothing truly specific except that I am thankful I have had these opportunities to get my name and the name of my school out for the public to truly notice and see all the hardworking that not only myself but also every other fighter in the gym puts in, we are all striving to be the best in the city and surrounding area and once that is achieved look out the rest of the country/world. Also I would just like to give a message out to all the local heavyweights, whether I train with you or not. This sport is a business, and in a business you have to look out for the number one and the number one is always you. With that being said we as fighters are striving to be the best that we can be and even friends/training partners will have to fight. It’s nothing personal you want to provide for yourself and the ones around you. But don’t use that as an excuse not to fight someone. It’s getting to the point where some guys are like oh we’re friends on Facebook and we shake hands when we see each other so were boys and can’t fight. You know what I call that? Complete and utter BULLS**T! One of you is afraid to fight because your insecure in your abilities and your afraid your going to lose. It’s as simple as that, If your a fighter you fight No excuses, no bullshit. Listen I’m in this sport to make a name for myself and get to that next level and how you do that is by fighting people whether your friends or training partners and putting on the best show that you can win or lose. With that being said, every heavyweight who is reading this should be planning on fighting me sooner or later and plan accordingly.For tickets to XFE 27 please visit our website atwww.xfemma.com.

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