XFE Featured Fighter: Anthony (Terrell) Smith

XFE Cage Wars

Featured fighter: Anthony (Terrell) Smith

Our XFE featured fighter of the week is Professional MMA fighter Anthony Smith from Philadelphia.   Anthony will be looking to maintain his undefeated pro record as he returns to the XFE cage this Saturday at Harrah’s Philadelphia.   Anthony’s past fights have displayed his dedication and perseverance in this sport and Saturdayhe’s promising fans to see a continuance of the same.

XFE:  What advantage or strengths do you bring to a fight?
Anthony:  From what I hear I’m pretty fast, so i would say speed. Speed is not really something you can game plan for.   As well as my ability to stay calm under pressure and keep a cool head.

XFE:  If given the chance to have a fight camp with anyone who would it be and why?
Anthony: Floyd Mayweather,  I’m curious as to what exactly he really does to prepare for fights, conditioning and technique wise.  Just curious as to how he has been able to continuously develop as a fighter.  I would like to see what tactics of his I could utilize for MMA.  Same goes for Jose Aldo, it’s a toss up between the both of them.

XFE:  What do you feel is the toughest part of preparing for a fight?
Anthony:  For me, it would have to be working a 9 to 5 while being a full time fighter.  In training camp your body requires more rest and down time, and juggling other obligations can be very tasking while dealing with being sore, dieting, and staying focused on the fight.  Rest is the forgotten element of training, so i was once told.

XFE:  With a current PRO record of 3-0,  what can your fans expect to see from you this coming Saturday at XFE 27?
Anthony:   FIREWORKS!!! My fans can always expect a entertaining fight from me.  I want nothing more than to finish every opponent.  I’m a entertainer by nature, and the fight business is just another form of entertainment.  I love all aspects of MMA but let me be real here, I love to stand up. So that’s where I always will try to keep it unless the situation causes for me to go otherwise.  And that’s what the fans want to see, not to mention I can and will try many different types of techniques in fights that are non-traditional to MMA.  If I train it, I will try it.

XFE:  If given the opportunity to choose your opponent who would it be and why?
Anthony:  I could care less about opponents.  I don’t think about them, that’s my coaches and managements job. I do this for sport, nothing personal. I am my only opponent, if given the right amount of time and preparation, I feel completely confident I can taking anyone out.  As long as I don’t defeat myself, which we all do sometimes. But for fun, I would be honored to get my a** whooped by Jose Aldo just to see where I stand.

XFE:  What are your interests outside of MMA?
Anthony:  I love entertaining and helping people.  Not like helping a friend move, I mean like helping people with their real problems, fight the real fights. Battle against our own demons.  And I plan on doing that through entertainment. Comedy, art, dance, acting, counseling, training, they are all forms of entertainment and outreach that I love and am passionate about.

XFE: How do you reward yourself after winning a fight?
Anthony: FOOD FOOD FOOD,  I LOVE food, it’s my drug of choice. I don’t go over the cliff when it comes to diet.  As long as you do things in moderation, and still exercise/train, you will be fine.

XFE:  Anything else you would like your fans to know about you?
Anthony:  I’m a lover, not a fighter, I just happen to LOVE fighting.  I’m not a macho man or a tough confrontational guy, I’m all about having fun and laughing as much as possible. It really heals the wounds we have trouble getting to. But other than that, I am a open book, I’m a Capricorn so I’m loyal to a fault, and I put god before everything.  I’m the oldest sibling with two sisters so i am a protector by nature. And I will do just about anything for those I love.

Anthony will make his return to the cage at XFE 27 this Saturday October 19th at Harrah’s Philadelphia along with a full card of amazing fights.   Tickets available for sale at www.xfemma.com or at the event door at a first come first serve basis.

For XFE fans unable to attend in person watch all of the action anywhere in the world via live internet feed atwww.gfl.tv.

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