XFE Cage Wars Fighter Of The Week: Sean Brady

XFE Cage Wars

Fighter Of The Week: Sean Brady

This weeks fighter of the week is Philly’s own 20 year old power shouse Sean Brady!  Sean started his amateur MMA career with XFE in December of 2011 and is currently undefeated with a 4-0 record.

XFE: When did you start training at Semper Fi MMA in Philadelphia?
Sean: I started training in 2009 at Semper Fi.

XFE: Our 1st amateur fight with XFE was at 155lb, however since you have been fighting at 170lbs. Do you plan on staying at 170lbs for your entire MMA career?
Sean: I might make my pro debut at 155 or 170lbs, I’m not sure yet.

XFE: With your current amateur record at 4-0, who do you feel has been your toughest opponent and why?
Sean: I would have to say my toughest opponent was Stephfond Ewins, he is a tough dude.

XFE: When will you be making a pro debut?
Sean: When I’m 21 my coach won’t let me until then.  So I’d say like November.

XFE: With your hefty training and workout schedule are you currently holding a full time job?
Sean: No, I work part time with my family who owns a construction business.

XFE: What makes you different from other fighters in your weight class?
Sean: I really don’t know,  I train with some of the best guys you can find and we train really hard for fights, even when we don’t have fights.  So I’d say my team at Semper Fi and Renzo Gracie Philly is what sets me apart from other fighters with the way they push me.

XFE: If given the opportunity for a one week fight camp with anyone, who would it be and why?
Sean: I would like to go train with Duke Roufus.  He is an amazing trainer and has some of the best fighters in the world.

XFE: Outside of MMA what are your interests?
Sean: Just lifting weights, Ive been doing that before I started fighting .

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