XFE Cage Wars Fighter Of The Week: Ryan Holmes

XFE Cage Wars

Fighter Of The Week: Ryan Holmes

Each week we select three random fighters from XFE Cage Wars events in 2013 for our Face Book fans to vote for the fighter of the week.   This week’s fighter of the week is amateur MMA fighter Ryan Holmes.  During Ryan’s last fight XFE Cage Wars 21, he remained humble while sharing the spotlight with his Uncle Heavyweight Pro Boxer Larry Holmes.

XFE: How does having a well known Pro Boxer (Larry Holmes) in your family impact your MMA career?
Ryan: Coming from a family where fighting (Boxing) has been a focal point has made a great impact on my MMA career.  All my life I have been an athlete and growing up watching athletic success on a great scale has definitely been a driving force when it comes to my training.  He has influenced me a lot by giving me advice when it comes to having a presence in the cage, staying on the offensive and improving my jab.

XFE:  Was becoming an MMA fighter and not a boxer a tough decision for you?
Ryan:  Being a fighter in general was a tough decision whether I was becoming an MMA fighter or a boxer.  I started out as a wrestler when I was four years old and only stopped when I chose to play college football instead of continuing to wrestle after high school. However, from my wrestling background, stepping into the cage instead of the ring made it an easier decision and transition into the sport.

XFE:  What branch of the military were you or are you in?
Ryan: I am not in the military.  The dog tags I wear were a gift from a friend who is in the military to commemorate becoming an MMA fighter.  They have my name and the date of my first fight and victory on them.

XFE:  Having just started as an amateur MMA fighter less than a year ago, do you plan on continuing to fight on such a regular basis?
Ryan:  I plan to fight and compete as much as possible.  I enjoy the sport and I love to compete.  But I do plan on do some boxing in the very near future.

XFE:  What fighter or trainer has most inspired you in MMA?
Ryan:  Obviously, I am inspired by my uncle and all the things that he has accomplished.  But mostly I am really inspired by all my teammates and coaches at ATT who accepted me and have continued to push me since the first day I came to the gym.

XFE:  What do you feel are your strengths as a fighter?
Ryan:  As a former wrestler, I feel that my ground game is one of my strongest assets when it comes to my fighting style even though it is tough to fully display as an amateur fighter.  But my wrestling is my strong suit and has been prominent in all three of my victories.

XFE:  What do you feel is the toughest part of preparing for a fight?
Ryan:  The toughest part is preparing for an opponent that you don’t know much about. It eliminates a degree of difficulty and allows you to focus more on my strengths, but as a competitor it’s always hard to prepare for the unknown.

XFE:  If you could choose an opponent who would it be and why?
Ryan:  If I could fight anyone it would be Jon Jones because I admire his style and would want to see it up close.  The closest you can get is to face it.

XFE:  With a current record of 3-1, which fight stands out most for you?
Ryan:  My first fight is probably the one that stays with me because it proved to me that I can fight and that I wasn’t just infatuated with the thought of being a part of the sport. It was definitely a stepping stone for my continued success thus far.

XFE:  What are your interests outside of MMA?
Ryan:  Outside of training I love to cook. It takes me away from the thought of competition and keeps me relaxed. When I’m not training or working I like to keep my mind the furthest away from sports so that I can keep everything separate in terms of fight life and real life.

XFE: Anything else you would like your fans to know about you?
Ryan:  I am a Sport Journalist for The Express-Times newspaper where I cover high school and college wrestling along with other local sports. I graduated from Wilkes University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and minor in Communications. I played college football and was a 3-year letter winner. The first time I thought of fighting was when I was coaching wrestling while I lived in Myrtle Beach, SC after graduating from college.

If you missed Ryan’s last fight at XFE Cage Wars, check your television listings on the Comcast Sports Net Channel or visit GFL.tv.

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