XFE Cage Wars Fighter Of The Week Robbie Flores

XFE Cage Wars

Fighter Of The Week

Robbie Flores

Our XFE Cage Wars fighter of the week as chosen by our Face Book fans is 125lb Pro MMA fighter Robbie Flores.   XFE would also like to send well wishes to Robbie’s father who recently went thru surgery and has reported that he is cancer free!  With all that has been going on with Robbie’s life he took the time to answer the following questions regarding his MMA career.

XFE: Though your weight class has recently become more popular, do you find any obstacles fighting at 125lbs?
Robbie: The only real obstacle in this weight class is proving that we are one of the most, if not the most exciting weight class.   Because, every guy who fights at 125lbs is not a big guy or the most intimidating looking, like some of the guys in bigger weight classes.  But with that being said we are the most conditioned and we have more scrambles and exchanges of strikes in our fights which lead to better fights!  So it’s really all about getting people to watch us and enjoy us and believing in the weight class that I’d find as an obstacle.

XFE: Your previous fights were spaced pretty far apart time wise, as now a Pro fighter will you be fighting on a more regular basis?
Robbie:  Yea they were pretty spaced out I was going from gym to gym trying to find my home in a place and thank God I found my home gym at AMA.  So the answer to the question is yes!! As long as I can stay injury free.  I love to fight and I’d love to stay as active as possible.

XFE:  Does being attached to such a strong fight team with several current UFC fighters intimidate your training at all?
Robbie:  Not at all, it was actually the opposite because at first when I started going there I was so star struck.  I walked into a room and I see Jim miller, Dan miller, and Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman taking the same practice I was speechless, but then during and after practice these guys are giving you advice.  Then you see Jim miller moping the mat after practice made me feel like this was the place for me!  It’s a family over there and training there with the level of talent that there is in that room every week only brought my game to a whole new level and made me better and continues to make me better!

XFE:  If you could train with any fighter for one week who would it be and why?
Robbie: That’s a hard one cause there’s a lot of fighters I would love to train with, but one I know for sure is Ian McCall.  I know a lot of people will hate that answer but I can care less!! I like his style a lot, I kind of look up to him as a fighter and I feel like I’d have a blast training with him and I’d learn a lot too, also he’s a top flyweight so that’s a plus.

XFE:  What do you feel are your strengths as a fighter?
Robbie:  My strengths as a fighter I feel like is my heart and my willingness to fight the fight wherever it may be, on the ground or on the feet.  I train with the best, which makes me soon to be one of the best. I fell short in my last fight; it was a blessing in a way because now all fear is gone!

XFE:  What do you feel is the toughest part of preparing for a fight?
Robbie:  I feel like it’s the mental part of it, the day in and day out and constant beating on you body, it takes a toll on your mind.  A bad training session might determine your mood for a day or two.  The emotional roller coaster you go through with the confidence then the doubt then back to the confidence, it happens to every fighter and you never realize until the fight is over and you take the few days off.  That I feel is the hardest part.  But at the same time the best part cause if you let it, it makes you grow as a better fighter and an even better person.

XFE:  What are your interests outside of MMA?
Robbie:  Playing music, drawing, and writing.  Not many people know that about me, I was supposed to go to art school but couldn’t afford it so I started teaching martial arts instead because that was always in my life.  But I love playing music, writing, and drawing!

XFE:  As we approach your 2nd PRO fight June 1st at XFE Cage Wars 23, when can we expect to see from you?
Robbie:  the same kid from the last fight, but this time a lot more hungry and more focused.

XFE:  Anything else you would like your fans to know about you?
Robbie:  Nothing really, just want to thank everyone for the love and support.  I want to just shout out my family, my cousin Ray the best strength coach out there, my father who is my support and rock and is cancer free!!  My girl Samantha I love you thank you for your support!! And my teammates at AMA, Sean “Shorty Rock” Santella, Scott “the animal” Heckman, and Ricky “Numero UNO” Nuno, my go to guys with training and if I need any mental guidance!! Thank you guys!! And everyone at XFE for the opportunity!! AMA all day!!

XFE Cage Wars will return the Harrah’s Casino Philadelphia with our 23 event June 1st.   We are happy to have Robbie return at XFE 23 for his 2nd pro fight along with a full lineup of talented local fighters.

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