XFE Cage Wars Fighter Of The Week: Dominick Territo


XFE Cage Wars
Fighter Of The Week: Dominick Territo

We are just a little over a week for our March 23 XFE Cage Wars event at the Sand’s Casino! This week’s fighter of the week is amateur MMA fighter Dominick Territo who has a scheduled fight against Ryan Holmes at 155lbs at XFE 21.
XFE: How long have you been interested in MMA & training?
Dom: It’s always been an interest of mine since I started watching UFC. I have been training at Hammer Fitness for three and half years now.

XFE: Being originally from Tom’s River NJ, did any of the local PRO fighters such as Tom DeBlass have any impact on you becoming a MMA fighter?
Dom: Honestly no. I was one of those frequent UFC watchers and one day I watched the movie, Never Back Down and thought hey maybe I can do that!! Well, here I am now years later living it.

XFE: What do feel your strengths are as a fighter?
Dom: My number one strength as a fighter definitely is the ability to listen to my coach during the fight. It’s not always instincts that get you by in the cage and I’ve got the best corner man and coach a fighter could ask for in Rodney Guignet of Hammer Fitness.

XFE: Outside of training what are your interests?
Dom: I am quite active outside of MMA with many activities. I am involved in flag football, dodge ball, Softball and Basketball leagues around the area as well as disc golf. I always liked to keep my schedule full of activities that get me moving.

XFE: With your current record of 1-3, what have you learned or gained from your past fights?
Dom: Yes definitely, always learning to not hold back anymore.

XFE: If given the opportunity to train with any fighter, who would it be and why?
Dom: It would definitely have to be Frankie Edgar; the guy is just a workhorse inside and outside the cage. He’s a guy like me fighting past the size issues and just keeps going forward also because we are both Toms River guys. I truly look up to him; I would love to know what goes through his head before every fight.

XFE: How does your family feel about your involvement in MMA?
Dom: Haha this is a funny one, my Mom always attends my fights. I buy her a ticket every time because I want her there to support me as with anything I do. And although she is scared for me she enjoys the show and telling everyone her son is an MMA fighter. My brother is always teaching me little tricks here and there. Although my other siblings send their support long distance, they really don’t get how I chose to get into the cage to fight. Because, I was a never violent person, (still not), who never had been in a fight.

XFE: What is your prediction for your fight at XFE Cage Wars 21 Mar 23?
Dom: It’s going to be a great show and my prediction is….you will find out March 23rd.

XFE: Anything else you would like your fans to know about you?
Dom: I appreciate them more than anything. I am as focused as I have ever been and you won’t be disappointed in any future showings. I am still in need of a good nickname, any ideas fans??
Thanks for this interview and hope to see everyone at the show!!

For tickets to XFE Cage Wars 21 to support Dominick and all of our local talent, contact any of the fighters on the card.

XFE Cage Wars 21

March 23rd 2013
Sand’s Casino Bethlehem PA

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