XFE Cage Wars Fighter Of The Week: Diego Peclat

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XFE Cage Wars

Fighter Of The Week: Diego Peclat

Our FaceBook fans choose Professional MMA fighter Diego Peclat as our fighter of the week.    Fans at XFE Cage Wars 22 will remember Diego leaping out of the cage after win against Carlos Nieves.   Diego recently moved from Maryland to Florida; however you can most likely expect to see him make a return to the XFE Cage.

XFE: Did you start training in BJJ or MMA while you were living in Brazil?
Diego: I started training BJJ and Thai boxing at the same time.

XFE:  Having gone pro after only one amateur fight, how do you think that impacted you?
Diego: I actually had 3 other fights before.  I fought in Brazil as an amateur and I fought two times in VA.  So I went pro when I was 3-1 as amateur.  But for me it didn’t really matter because I always fought pro rules (ground and pound, no shin guards, no head gear), the only difference was that I didn’t get pay for it.

XFE:  Before getting your first pro win in after almost 2 years at XFE Cage Wars 22 against Carlos Nieves, were you getting discouraged at all?
Diego:  “Diego you can do what most people can’t. Keep your head all the way up.”, “Maybe God wants you to hit bottom first.” These are two things I heard from my family and friends and it was very important for me not to stop.  I didn’t want make them upset anymore even though I know they love me no matter what.  Them standing with me on the hard moments made me not get discouraged and give up.

XFE: What fighter or trainer has most inspired you in MMA?
Diego:  Luiz Alves my master and his story of life inspires me so much.  He was able to change his life because of the fight.   After leaving his small and poor town in Brazil, he went to Rio de Janeiro and became one of the biggest coaches in mma and Thai boxing.   He also trained fighters like Nogueiras brothers e Ze Mario Sperry.  And besides all that his personality was great and he was like a father to me.

XFE: What are your strengths and weaknesses as a fighter?
My strengths are that I train hard to make my dreams come true and never give up. My weaknesses I leave for my opponents try to find out what it is, the ones I know I work hard to get better at it.

XFE:  As a newly wed, how does your wife feel about you being a PRO MMA fighter?
Diego:  Talia is amazing! I couldn’t ask for a better one.  She is one of the biggest supporters and the reason I am still following my dreams.  Leaving her whole family and friends and move to Florida with me showed how much she cares and wants me to succeed.

XFE:   Outside of MMA, what are your interests?
Diego:  I really enjoy spending time with my dogs and at the beach hanging out or surfing. I love it so much that I am even getting a job at the ocean rescue here, this way I can still train and help with bringing extra money home.

XFE: Anything else you would like your fans to know about you?
Diego: I want to thank everyone that come to see me fight and send me messages.  I want to let them know that I really appreciate it so much and feel blessed! Hugs Diego Peclat THANKS!!

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