XFE Cage Wars Fighter Of The Week: Dean Lavin

For this weeks XFE Cage Wars fighter of the week selected by our Facebook fans is Pro MMA Fighter Dean Lavin.

XFE: How long have you been interested in MMA & training?
Dean: I’ve been interested since the beginning, even before I knew of mma.  I always thought there should be a competitive sport based on martial arts, being martial arts wasn’t designed with competition in mind.   I started fighting in 2003 and starting training at a gym the same year but always studied on my own.

XFE: With a newborn and other children how do you manage to balance training and family?
Dean: Managing training with a full family and job is definitely difficult.  I just try to use every opportunity I can to train, even at work and home.  However my first priority is being a dad which is a very rewarding job.

XFE: Outside of training what are your interests?
Dean: I really have no other interest other then my family, combat sports consumes me otherwise.

XFE: What fighter or trainer has most inspired you in MMA?
Drew:  Bruce Lee first inspired me as well as “Iceman” Chuck Liddell.  His style, attitude and the way he carries himself just shows he is a fighter.   The trainers that have inspired I have to say are Freddie roach and Bas Rutten, that man is a genius when it comes to martial arts.

XFE: As a fighter from VA how does it affect your fight game fighting out of state?
Dean:  Being out of state doesn’t really affect me.  I’m usually not the favorite or popular fighter so it’s really and old hat for me.

XFE: If you could choose an opponent who would it be and why?
I don’t think I could really choose an opponent; every fighter has something to offer. I just would just hope to take something away from it.

XFE: What fight from your ammy & pro career stand out the most for you?
Dean:  Definitely my first Ammy fight, I drove from Virgina to Oregon with minimal training to fight in Chael Sonnens organization.  I won the fight and was interviewed by Randy couture.  As for a Pro fight, that would have to be my last fight with XFE against Bill Algeo.   I would have never believed I would have won by submission. I train ground and am good at it, but I tend to just want to stand with my opponent.

XFE: How does your family feel about your involvement in MMA?
Dean: My family likes my involvement; they think its cool and like to brag about it.  My wife is a pretty big fan so that helps.  The only part my family doesn’t like is me being away.

XFE: What is your prediction for your fight at XFE Cage Wars 21 Mar 23?
Dean: I don’t do fight predictions, just too many variables in mma one the things I like about the sport.

XFE: Anything else you would like your fans to know about you?
Dean:  Most of my fans know me personally, and would agree that I’m pretty straight forward person and I love to fight.  MMA is the truest form of self expression in my humble opinion.

Dean has a scheduled match against Tom Marcellino at 145lbs, at XFE Cage Wars 21 March 23 at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem PA.

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