XFE Cage Wars Featured fighter: Nicholas Willey

XFE Cage Wars

Featured fighter: Nicholas Willey

This weeks feature fighter is no stranger to the XFE cage.   Nick Willey is not just a fierce competitor in the welterweight division, but one of the most loyal XFE fighters with seven fights in just a year and a half.   Nick has had quite a busy year with the birth of his daughter (Amelia) and get married just last month, however that does not seem to slow down this rising star.   XFE is pleased to announce that Nick will be returning to the cage December 7th at Harrah’s Philadelpia to face another tough opponent in Michael Santini.

XFE:  How and when did you become involved in MMA?
Nick:  You could say I became involved in MMA in 2001 when I stepped on the wrestling mat as a freshman in high school. Unknowingly, it would ultimately lead me to find Team Defiant in Oxford PA, in 2011.

XFE:  With seven MMA fights under your belt are you anxious or nervous stepping into the cage?
Nick:  You could say I’m anxious on occasion.  With that being said, the more prepared I feel the less anxious I am.   If I know in my heart I’ve had a kick ass training camp then what is there to be anxious about?

XFE:  As one of the toughest competitors in the area of the welterweight division,  what makes you different from other fighters in your weight class?
Nick:  One of the toughest?  You flatter me. I think in my own mind what makes me unique is I’m never satisfied.  Win or lose there is always something to improve upon,  I think that’s what I love most about this sport, you can never stop learning unless you close your mind.

XFE:  Since your first fight in 2012 at XFE 13 you have fought pretty regularly can your fans expect to see that continue as your career progresses?
Nick:  Yes, I’ve fought often and I’d like to keep it that way.  I plan to go pro soon so I’m sure the business side of the sport will come into play more and will dictate a lot of things but I’ll remain optimistic that my career will flourish and I won’t have difficulty getting opportunities.

XFE:  As you approach your 8th amateur MMA fight Dec 7th at XFE 31, what are your fight predictions?
Nick:  My next fight the goal is to push the pace to ungodly heights.  I plan to dominate, overwhelm and finish.

XFE:  What are your interests outside of MMA?
Nick:  Outside of MMA first and foremost I am a family man.  I love to spend time with my wife and daughter. I also am an amateur craftsman. I love to work with my hands.

XFE: What are your goals as an MMA fighter?
Nick:  As a martial artist my goals are simply to be the best I can be.  Even as I grow old I see myself engaging in BJJ and choking out all the young up and comers.

XFE:  Anything else you would like your fans to know about you?
Nick:  My fans need to know one thing.  I am always pushing to be the best without sacrificing my morals.  If you can’t get behind that then what can you get behind?

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