XFE CAGE WARS Fighter Of The Week: Tim Lodgen

Due to a death in last week’s fighter of the week’s family, Tim Lodgen’s newsletter was postponed until this week.   Thank you to our Face Book fans for participating in the weekly polls, and we send our condolences to the Lodgen Family.

XFE: How long have you been interested in MMA & training?
Tim: I have always been into Martial Arts since I watched my first Bruce Lee movie as a kid.  At age 10, I started Tae Kwon Doe until I was 13 which then led me into boxing throughout my High school years and into the Marines.

XFE: Do you feel that having started your MMA career in your mid 30’s hinders you at all?
Tim:  Yes and No.  I feel like I am in the best shape off my life but then at times my body reminds me I am not 18 anymore.  I do however feel my life experiences have given me an advantage in preparation of my mind set before a fight.  I do not get scared.

XFE: Did your time in the military help you in training for MMA?
Tim:  My time in the Marine Corps has changed my life, my thought process, my intensity, the way I carry myself, my confidence and has allowed me to feel as if I am 10′ tall and bulletproof everyday .

XFE: What fighter or trainer has most inspired you in MMA?
Tim:  The fighter that has inspired me most is a Heavy weight Boxer by the Name of Jed “The Punisher ” Phipps.  Ask kids I introduced him into the sport.   He then became a top ranked heavyweight competing on many big cards.  Jed fought through addictions, mental & health disabilities yet at 36 still trains daily for that one more round.  Greg Jackson would be my dream coach to work with his ethic, philosophy and dedication is second to none in the sport.

XFE: With a current record of 0-2 as an amateur fighter, what have you learned?
Tim:  I have learned to not hold back anymore, take the shot when you see it and always be prepared for anything at anytime.  Most important never, ever underestimate your opponent.

XFE:  What are your strengths and weaknesses as a fighter?
Tim:  My strength is definitely my hands, not too many people can just stand and bang with me.  I have always knocked out anyone who has tried.   On the other hand my 5 year old daughter has a better ground game then me.

XFE: How does your family feel about your involvement in MMA?
Tim:  My family has always stood by me throughout all of my ventures in life.  The involvement in MMA has been a tough one for my oldest daughter to watch, as well as for my wife.  My two youngest girls just know that dad likes to punch people. Without the support of them I couldn’t do this at all, they give the strength to show them to never stop fighting

XFE: What is your prediction for your fight at XFE Cage Wars 23 June 1st 2013?
Tim:  Obviously I would love to knock out my opponent in the first round and have everyone scream my name.  I do know that I will fight my hardest and try my best to defeat him at all costs.  You will all see different fighter on June 1st.

XFE: Anything else you would like your fans to know about you?
Tim:  I would like to say to anyone suffering from addiction or mental disability to never give up.   Always fight to get better and one day you will be at peace.  My whole life has been a fight whether it is fighting drugs, alcohol, or my Bi-polar holding me down.  I choose to never stop fighting even when I am on the ground.  The one lesson I would like to teach is to never stop fighting, once you do, you have been defeated.

We are quickly approaching XFE Cage Wars 23 at Harrah’s Casino Philadelphia on June 1st.    We look forward to having Tim Lodgen on the fight card as well as several other amateur & professional fighters.   For tickets to XFE Cage Wars please contact any of our fighters or visit our website at .

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