XFC and WCFL Join Forces!



The Xtreme Fighting Championships is one of the largest MMA promotions in the U.S.A. and they are continuously growing throughout the states. The World Class Fight League is an up and coming amateur MMA promotion in the Tampa Bay area. The WCFL is the product of Ralph Garcia and Duane Spires, two guys very well known throughout Florida for their involvement in MMA. This last week Duane Spires called in to Full Guard Fight Radio, an MMAmadhouse production, to announce breaking news that the XFC and WCFL would be joining forces to bring the absolute best amateur MMA to the Tampa Bay area! The WCFL is going to be the official amateur affiliate to the XFC. Any amateur fighters that step into the WCFL cage with the hope to turn pro will have that very chance, provided directly by the XFC! John Prisco has always strived to provide top notch MMA action and this is shown through his partnership with the WCFL! The WCFl has put on 2 events so far and both have been huge successes. With each event they are outgrowing their previous venues! If this trend continues they will be surely selling out major venues in no time. With the help of the XFC, the WCFL will surely reach unparalleled heights!

Please visit www.officialxfc.com/ and

www.worldclassfightleague.com for further details.

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