XFC: Strawweight Brianna “The Bull” Van Buren

XFC: Strawweight Brianna “The Bull” Van Buren


Fighting out of Gilroy, California Brianna Van Buren planned on attending last month’s XFC Open Fighter Tryout to earn a position amongst the women’s ranks, but was unable to make the trip. It had appeared that the dream of the 19-year old to one day have the chance to compete under the promotion’s banner, would have to wait till the next year.

Van Buren, who is (1-0) as a professional, continued to train as normal. She’s quoted GSP saying “I’m not a fighter, I’m a mixed martial artists, this isn’t what I do, this is my life.” She didn’t know exactly when her next opportunity would surface, but when it did she wanted to be ready. So, Van Buren continued to work on her game and on improving as a martial artist earning her blue belt in Jiu-jitsu and training/teaching daily at Antdawg’s MMA and competing in jiu-jitsu tournaments.

Then came the call that may one day be looked back on as the call that changed everything for Van Buren. The call was from the XFC, a fighter on the upcoming card had been forced to withdraw after a car accident. They were looking for someone who was ready to go, ready to bring everything they had on the short notice, and put on a show for the fans. Luckily for everyone involved, Van Buren had prepared for this call for the last two years and she jumped at the chance to face former US Boxing Team member Stephanie Eggink.

The fight is going to be a tough one, as Eggink is also a very well-rounded fighter with a purple belt in jiu-jitsu. Paired with her boxing experience, she has also trained under Royce Gracie’s first black-belt Rob Kahn, and with one of WMMA’s best catch-wrestlers, Shayna Baszler. Eggink may well be the best fighter Van Buren has signed on to fight, but Van Buren will have some advantages as well, firstly her strength. So far, none of her opponents have been able to match her strength, which has helped Van Buren to control the pace and direction of her fights through her amateur career and into her Pro debut. It’s not often you see a KO victory in women’s bout, but Van Buren showed that she has that power when she put Charlene Geliner to sleep in the first round of their meeting in October of 2012.

That power could be the road to success for Van Buren. Eggink’s chin has already been challenged once, when Kaline Madieros knocked her out 7 seconds into their bout. It is possible that the KO over Eggink was a one-time mistake, but if Van Buren can manage to stay standing against Eggink, and avoid letting the former boxer getting into any rhythm, XFC fans could be in for the first KO in XFC WMMA history and Van Buren could be looking at a long term setup with one of the fastest growing promotions in the country.

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