XFC President John Prisco on Female Fighters using Sexuality in MMA

XFC President John Prisco on Female Fighters using Sexuality in MMA

“Good Looking talent female fighters are catching a bad wrap for being themselves.”

John Prisco

“There’s nothing wrong with being a good looking individual and being a badass in the cage. Come on! Years ago, female MMA fans bragged about guys being ripped and looking good…..now male fans get to do the same with the Women of MMA. Just because you are good looking, it doesn’t mean you deserve to be in my cage. First and foremost, it’s always about the fight. If it’s going to be a war, I want it going on under the XFC lights. And if you’re winning fights…. how can anyone complain.” – XFC President John Prisco
Check out the radio interview from Monday Night with
XFC John Prisco and ProWmmanow discussing
the Women of the XFC and
Women using Sexuality in MMA.

  Gina Begley – BluegrassMMA / ProWmmanow Radio: ……”If you were to describe Felice Herrig, Ronda Rousey and Meisha Tate it would be hard to do so without including their attractiveness.  All three are criticized for selling their sexual appeal. Guilty of being attractive and supplementing their income through the sale of their image in provocative use, they suffer  harsh opinions for this behavior. In my  perspective, I’m not going to begrudge a gal for earning some extra cash off of her appearance. Performances in the cage cannot be influenced by media. If your losing, selling yourself as a bad ass could become a difficult task.  I would propose a balance that includes fitness type modeling but not stepping over the threshold into pornographic imagery. If Rousey, Tate or Herrig can spark interest and bring in new fans with their appearance as Gina Carano did for me, we owe them some appreciation.  The issue becomes where is the line?  Maybe its best left for the individual athlete to decide when considering the fans they wish to attract.”  

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