AS GREAT Britain’s Paralympic stars celebrate their stunning medal success another set of wheelchair-bound athletes are in training for a battle royale of a different kind.

For the first time ever, disabled fighters will be fighting in the cage at a top Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event.

The Wheeled Warriors group and the Ultimate Cage Fighting Championships have joined forces to put on a series of bouts with fighters in wheelchairs and also amputees under MMA rules.

It will take place later this year in South Yorkshire.

Colin Woods, head of Wheeled Warriors, said: “I have the pleasure to announce that after much discussion wheeled warriors and the UCFC have agreed to join forces. This is for the benefit of both the fans and physically-challenged fighters across the globe.
“We have come together to bring both amputees and wheeled fighters into the ring to compete just like any other.”
The fighters will compete on specially made wheelchairs that have multi use. They can be used as a sports wheelchair or an everyday chair.

The wheelchair can have accessories added so it can be used for other sports such as basketball, football or even as an off-road vehicle for activities such as mountain-biking.

Not only can the chairs – designed by Sportechdsc – be used for both MMA and boxing.

Wheeled Warriors is the brainchild of Colin Wood who is determined that disabled people enjoy the chance to fight in MMA and boxing alongside able-bodied sportsmen and women.
His dream is to see both MMA and boxing accepted into the Paralympics.

Wheeled Warriors is now in the United States, Hungry, Brazil, Canada, Australia South Africa and many other nations on the continent. It will be setting up wings in many more countries in the near future.

Wheeled Warriors already have fighters lined up for the show which is run by Carl Messen.

Col said: “I had the pleasure to attend as a ringside spectator to the UCFC’s most recent endeavour – UCFC 4 – which had 13 bouts of amateur and pro MMA action on the card and featured special guests from the UFC Ryan Badar and Clarence Dollaway.

“It is clear this concept is well-received and ahead of its time as very few would expect something of its kind to come to fruition so soon.

“To conclude, this is a great collaboration which surely will improve sports and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Both sides are gaining opportunities.”
Wheeled Warriors are currently looking for sponsors for their fighters.
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