West-coast fighting Championship 5 Results

West-coast fighting Championship 5   5/3/13

Sammy Gifford defeats Roque Abraham Reyes by split decision.

Thomas Fallon defeats Terrell Bosen at 1:31 of rd 1 by TKO

Benito Lopez defeats Michael Hutchins at 1:20 of rd 1 by triangle choke

Anthony Hernandez defeats Eric Smith at :23 of rd 2 by armbar

Juan Quesada defeats Antoine Smith by RNC at 3:11 of rd 2

Ryan Williams defeats Kory Morford at 1:21 of rd 1 by KO

Jordan Bailey defeats Anthony Charnell 1:42 of rd 1 by guillotine choke

Nick Christy defeats Richard Rigmaden at 2:07 of rd 1 by devastating KO!

Daniel Romero defeats Art Becerra at :07 of rd 1 by bullshit TKO stoppage

Mario Soto defeats Charley Huston by RNC at 3:35 of rd 1

Lewis Gonzalez defeats Emmanuel Sanchez by unanimous decision

Justin Baesman defeats Mikhail Venikov by RNC at 2:43 of rd 2

Anthony Avila defeats Shad Smith at 3:43 of rd 1 by TKO strikes

Andre Fili defeats Adrian Diaz at 1:29 of rd 3 by TKO strikes

Max Griffin defeats Kito Andrews by unanimous decision.


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  1. Terrell Bosen is the Greatest!!! He will be back in the ring’ and he will not be defeated.

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