Why Weed Should Be A Banned Substance

Why Weed Should Be A Banned Substance


When you think of the typical pot smoker Hollywood has created certain types: Cheech and Chong, Jay and Silent Bob, and Slow Poke Rodriguez; not what you would consider modern day athletes. But, what about names like Nick Diaz, Michael Phelps, Ricky Williams, or even Josh Howard; athletes who have to be in top peak physical condition and not the vegetative state that we are used to seeing portrayed in the media. Sure marijuana can have the effects of  a lazy out-of-shape loser, but there are certain benefits athletes can get by using marijuana.

Certain types of hydroponics have shown to help athletes in certain areas of their sport. One of the effects of marijuana can cause is peripheral vision, to get a better view of you surroundings. Great for point guards in the NBA who can see all around the court, why do you think the Players Union fought with the league to not drug test for marijuana. Being able to focus on one person right in front of you, without the influence of the crowd, gives a fighter the distinct advantage over their opponent.

In MMA marijuana has effects that can improve fighter’s abilities in many ways; one way pot can help fighters is by calming down their nerves. When a fighter fights there are certain nerves and anxiety’s that any person can go threw, those nerves can either bring you up or bring you down. It’s all part of the fight game, both fighters should have to deal with their nerves naturally. If one fighter uses a substance to numb his fears and butterflies in the stomach, it is a form of cheating.

Some types of marijuana have what some people call the “freeze time” effect, where time seems to slow down. What an advantage a fighter can have to see opponent’s movements, someone who can see what’s coming towards him can be ready for anything. If there was a steroid that can do this, everyone would be calling for the ban of it. And they would be right as this is an advantage that no one should have.

Weed also acts like a muscle relaxer, to which your body can loosen up and make your body able to move and take shots. When your muscles are relaxed you can sometimes feel nothing, so imagine taking numerous punches to the body and face. To take a fighters best hit and walk through them like a zombie on the Walking Dead is a hell of an advantage.

Now, I am for the legalization of marijuana for medical use, but not when it comes to sports. When it comes to uses in sports there should be some set rules on not allowing an advantage one way or the other. In sports we should hold athletes to higher standards in what the human body can pull off when there is no advantages by substances. If a person feels marijuana should be legalized, then they should feel the same way about steroids, HGH, and horse tranquilizers.

Written by Raul Rangel


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