WarPath MMA 9 Play By Play

WarPath MMA 9 Play By Play

By Joshua MazerolleWarPath MMA March 8

Gagan Gill vs Matt Shannon.   140lbs  mauy thai
Round 1Gagan has the trad. mauy thai entrance i will later refer to as the mamba entrance.
looks ready well warmed up -Matt on the other hand looks cold and anxious

Gagan goes on the attack at the bell utilizing crisp punches to enter into a good clinch
where he delivers knees -Matt is slow off the start under attack goes on the defense to
escape the clinch- Gagan losing the clinch goes to good body kicks and effective strikes
to regain the clinch where he delivers a suspect knee that may have connected partialy
with the head causing a ref stoppage -the fight was declared a technical draw (double check
if that is what happened it was unclear i asked a judge and thats what i was told i also asked
sabah and he said Gagan won.

Josh Williamson vs Roan Sampson  Grappling Demo

These kids brought awesome skills and heart to the table in this great demo
Round 1
Josh had a slow start as Roan pushed the pace getting a take down and passing
the guard Josh than picked up the pace returning to his feet and standing up
and getting a takedown of his own . The fight returns to the feet where Roan
got a sub by  standing guillotine choke.
Josh turns up the heat in the 2nd round sprawling to stuff one of Roans takedowns
and going for a take down of his own gets stuffed but manages to turn the corner any
way forcing the takedown where he than applys top pressure passing the gaurd to side mount
going for full mount where Roan gives up his back but still manages to stand up and shake
Josh off but Josh gets another takedown and passes the gaurd again to finish the round in top
control. – Roan wins the demo due to the submission in round 1

Kolton Higginbottem vs Navi Dahliwal   170lbs Mauy Thai

Round 1
Kolton looks ready doing the pitbull pace in his corner Navi looks well warmed up and loose
Kolton blitzes off the bell throwing heavy wild punches and looking for the clinch Navi calmly
returns fire establishing the jab. In the clinch Navi had the upper hand outscoring kolton and
out the break using a diverse range of striking strong right cross -lefts to the body- and dangerous
head kicks was able to keep kolton frustrated. Kolton proved very durable and game kept the
forward pressure
Kolton keeps coming forward throwing hard Navi weathers the storm and keeps working the jab
Kolton takes a low push kick to the groin takes one min rest and gets back at it  just missing with a
head kick Navi again outscores in the clinch and throws good head kicks off the break. Koltons
take one to give one approach doesn’t work out well as Navi picks his targets throwing strong
right crosses that land clean Navi picks up the pace at the end pushing to the finish overwhelming
Kolton -Kolton tough and game to the end doesn’t get finished-  Navi wins Unanimous decision

Mikel Purewal vs Jody Blakeway 185lbs MMA

Round 1
Both men come out swinging with Mikel getting the better of the exchange Jody goes for a strong
guillotine attempt Mikel hangs on till the choke lets up and breaks the choke going for a successful take
down where he throws some kicks to the legs while Jody throws some up kicks creating some space to stand
up Jody continues to step forward while Mikel dishes out punishment Jody comes in swinging Mikel uses
a nice level change to secure a second takedown where he proceed to pass the guard and move to mount
punching all the while once in mount it was the beginning of the end for Jody as Mikel pounded his was into
a ref stoppage -Mikel wins by tko

Andy Padda vs Michael Voght  160lbs MMA
Round 1
Michael comes out looking calm and clear but poorly warmed up dry as a bone. Andy comes out in usual
mamba fashion warm and wet adding a very intense stare down- at the bell Andy comes forward and makes
michael look like a pile on dishing out punishment landing at will- gets a clinch trip take down passes guard
straight to mount more punches causing micheal to give up his back where Andy quickly secures a rear-naked
choke .  Andy Win Rear-naked
Martin Kiwiatkowski vs Bryce Kilpatric  160 lbs  Mauy Thai
Round 1
Both fighters look amped and ready. Bryce answers the bell with strong forward pressure and big brawling punches
with the odd heavy leg kick-but Martin weathers the storm using good clinch technique and well places tepes as def
ense. Martin fires back with crisp punches landing nice combos scoring well . Bryce is all heart pressing forward but taking
abuse in the clinch.
Round 2
Martin lands a heavy leg kick- Bryce steps in with a big over hand right and enters the clinch landing some knees but again
loses to Martin cleaner technique and tighter crisper strikes- Bryce starts throwing for the fences -Martin utilizes good footwork
to avoid this.
Round 3
Bryces comes forward with big front kicks  and lands  2 strong right hands before hitting Martin with a low blow from a slow tepe
Martin takes 2 min to recover- once the fight resumes Martian uses the jab to keep Bryce at bay as Bryce finishes strong trying
to gain an advantage. – Martian wins Unanimous Decision
Maniver Birk vs Will Shuter  150lbs MMA
Round 1
Will looks eager while Manvir has the usual mamba entrance -Will comes out swinging  hands very low with extremely wild punches
Manvir covers up under the onslaught and wastes no time going under the swinging punches of Will and getting a takedown
Will gives up back where Manvir gets his hooks in taking back mount goes to work with a few punches and finishes with a rear-
naked choke – Manvir win rear naked choke
Susy Watson vs Lynnell House  women’s 130 lbs MMA
Round 1
Lynnell looks relaxed-Susy comes out mamba style warm and ready-Susy starts the action with a takedown – Lynnell using a rubber
gaurd very active threatening – Susy fends off the submission attempts and gets the pass – Lynnell recovers guard going for omapalata
attemps and sissor sweep attempts -Susy stands up to avoid submission attemps and damages the body from standing guard pass
Round 2
Lynnell comes forward letting her hands go Brawler style landing some heavy shots- Susy level changes for another  take down- Lynnell
goes after the arm- Susy defends passing the gaurd going to knee on belly and ground and pound her way to a strong tko victory.
Susy win tko
David Moon vs Navid Mirzaiy 160lbs Mauy Thai
Round 1
Both Fighters look ready to go- David comes out aggressive landing clean 1-3-6 combos – Navid lands a left hook and comes forward with
blitzing heavy straight punches- David counter technique is good as well as his defence he keeps landing hard combos knocking out
Navid’s mouth piece-Navid had trouble getting any rythme under Davids constant calculated attack.
Round 2
David has a good start landing more combos before stubbing his toe on a kick- Navid takes advantage throwing a flurry on 1-2 combos-
David shakes it off and goes back to work with clean combos scoring well- Neither fighter threw much in the clinch.Na
Round 3
Navid starts off with more 1-2 combos and working a jab – David clinches scoring with knee strikes  and low kicks – Navid keeps working the jab and 1-2
combos but it was too little too late as David finishes strong with a flying knee and a nice right hand knocking Navid back – David goes on to keep
using his good counter -defence – attack -triple threat- to beat up and out score Navid -David finishes strong with clean Mauy Thai combos
David wins Unanimous Decision
Jared McCaan vs Brad Falk 180lbs MMA
Round 1
Jared comes out true mamba style and Brad looks warm and ready- Jared starts off getting the better of the boxing exchanges-Brad goes for a take
down and gets stuff so he quickly moves to deep half where he is active trying to scramble and take the back but is punished at ever turn- Jared keeps
the top control and rains down ground and pound defending attempts to have his back taken and threatens a rear naked attempt.
Round 2
Brad goes for a standing arm in choke which looks good until Jared listening to his corner pushes his arm up and turns in where he enters the clinch
landing good knees and going to good body punches on the break-Brad than takes a suspect knee to the head and takes  1 min- Jared than gets a
takedown and works a strong ground and pound once more going for a rear naked attempt than finishing with punches at the 10 sec left mark to end
the round strong.
Round 3
Jared lands some good knees and gets a take down  where Brad stays on his back -the ref stand them back up- Brad lets his hands go only to have
Jared take him down again the fight ended as is started with Jared raining down punches from the top as Brad struggles to get off his back.
Jared wins Unanimous Decision
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