WarPath Mixed Martial Arts VII is this Friday October 5th

WarPath Mixed Martial Arts VII is this Friday October 5th


WarPath MMA VII is set for Friday, October 5th at 7pm and will be held at Squiala Community Centre at 45005 Squiala Road (near the Eagle Landing Centre) in Chilliwack, BC. This same week, the province is gathering input to move forward on Bill 50 (the Athletic Commissioner Act that allows the provincial athletic commissioner to regulate and supervise professional contests includes boxing, MMA, and kickboxing). Chilliwack’s own MMA fight promotion, WarPath MMA, proves MMA is here to stay and will only grow.
MMA WarPath MMA organizer, Darwin Douglas is giving away three WarPath MMA Championship Title belts and features many young, local up and coming MMA fighters—Brandon Wolkosky, who hold the current welterweight (170lbs) title in the WarPath MMA fight promotion, and Jamie“The Gremlin” Siraj,
Wolkosky will be making his first title defense against Perry Hayer, hailing from Suitela MMA in Surrey BC. This will be an exciting match up as Wolkosky is determined to keep the title for his team, Four Directions Martial Arts and keep it in Chilliwack. Siraj, a well-known local boy, who also fights out of Four Directions Martial Arts Academy, is returning from a month long training camp at Tri-Star gym in Montreal, Quebec. Siraj was fortunate to train alongside many UFC fighters including Canada’s most popular fighter Georges St. Pierre.
Tickets are $35 and $75 each – available at Four Directions Martial Art Academy at 8030 Enterprise Drive, off of Yale Road West, at Fuel Clothing at the Chilliwack Mall, or, online at www.warpathmma.com.
Local fighters train under Four Direction Martial Arts Academy coaches, including Harley Chappell, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach, Darwin Douglas, Muay Thai Kickboxing coach, Sean O’Halloran, MMA coach, Americo Pena, Wrestling coach, and, Mike Dowsett, Boxing coach.
More information on the Provincial Athletic Commission is at http://www.cscd.gov.bc.ca/sport/programs/

More information about WarPath MMA, including the fight card is at
www.warpathmma.com / warpathmma @warpathmma @WarPathFights

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