V3Fights June 15 2013

There is an old saying… “Iron sharpens iron.”  That couldn’t be more true than when it comes to Memphis Judo and Jiu-Jitsu’s gym. On June 15 at Minglewood Hall in Memphis TN, Memphis Judo and Jiu-Jitsu (Memphis BJJ) has five fighters fighting in title fights. Flyweight champion, Hunter Joffre, will look to defend his title for the first time against rival and former teammate, Jesse Parker. Jeremiah Trundle will look to reclaim what was once his when he fights for the interim heavyweight title.  And Adam Denton, Justin Edwards, and Jaleel Willis will all look to hold V3 gold for the very first time.  Memphis BJJ owner, coach, and pioneer of the sport, Dave Ferguson weighed in on each of his fighter’s fights and gave his thoughts on what to expect:

Dave Ferguson:  “Memphis Judo & Jiu-Jitsu is very proud to have 5 fighters representing our school for title fights at June 15th’s V3 show at Minglewood Hall.  Having 5 fighters selected for title fights either to defend a belt or contend for a belt….is a testament to our great set of outstanding coaches such as Joel Gingery, Nathan Pang, Jason McDonald, Alex Meadows, Brian Hall, Jeremy Doty, Jamie Langstaff & Mike Ostrowski.  These guys are just as dedicated and focused on fight preparation as the fighters are.  Big thanks to V3 for giving these guys a chance to defend or contend for title belts.

Jaleel Willis vs. Tyler Hill  (155 Title)

This is a fantastic Main Event for V3.  Tyler is a very talented athlete and always dangerous for anyone.  Jaleel, who is undefeated, is without a doubt one of the most gifted amateur fighters in the Mid-South area.  He brought great wrestling skills to the sport of MMA when he first started, and has since worked diligently on his ground game, both offensively and defensively, as well as working on his striking.  He will also be the stronger of the two for sure.  Jaleel’s will to prepare and constantly improve his skill set is what sets him apart from many other amateur fighters in this area. This fight will be very competitive, but I feel Jaleel will have too many tools for Tyler to deal with for 3 rounds. I haven’t seen many fighters as hungry for a belt around their waist than Jaleel Willis.

Hunter Joffre vs. Jesse Parker (125 Title)

Hunter, who is undefeated, is young, feisty, tough and determined…Though his best quality is his heart.  He showed unbelievable heart in his fight against a very tough Chance Wilson.  Hunter will never ever give up or wilt in a fight.  I have seen Jesse wilt many times in fights and in training.  I do feel that Hunter has the better skills in all areas, however, if their skills were equal (which they’re not) this fight will be won by Hunter on heart

Adam Denton vs. Jesse Sanderson (145 Title)

Adam, who is undefeated, is the most blue collar, workman-like amateur fighter in the entire Mid-South.  He impresses me just as much with his character and work ethic as his fighting ability.  Adam has very well rounded skills in all areas and is always seeking knowledge with his BJJ, wrestling and striking.  I don’t know a lot about Jesse Sanderson as a fighter, but I do know he has a very good coach in Burge Franks.  I’m sure Burge will have him well prepared.  Even though people think Adam is a huge favorite in this fight, I guarantee you Adam does not feel this way.  He always sees himself as the underdog and will always fight like he has nothing to lose. Very difficult to beat a guy like that.

Justin Edward vs. Adam Osborne (170 Title)

Justin, who is undefeated, is a tall, lanky, southpaw who has very good accuracy and power with his striking.  His BJJ game is good as wel,l though he hasn’t had a chance to show it much.  He may have to use his BJJ game against Adam Osborne who comes from a good BJJ school.  Either on the ground or standing Justin will be in his comfort zone.

Jeremiah Trundle vs. Brian Meeks (HW Title)

Trundle always entertains and is a fan favorite.  I feel that Trundle is realizing that he has a lot of potential in this sport and what kind of time and dedication that takes.  He is refocused and hungry for a spectacular win on June 15th. His opponent is the perfect guy for Trundle to make his return against.  He fights a lot like Trundle and is experienced.  That being said, Trundle can KO anyone at anytime, and that’s what I fully expect to happen in this fight.

This event will be shown on pay per view at http://ustre.am/CZEF

WHAT:                       V3Fights: Hill vs Willis

WHEN:                        Saturday June 15, 2013

WHERE:                      Minglewood Hall

1555 Madison Ave.

Memphis, TN 38104

ADMISSION:               $45, $35 (reserved seating), $25 (general admission)

Tickets available at www.v3fights.comwww.minglewoodhall.com, or the Minglewood Hall Box Office.

      All ages welcome

      For further information, go to www.v3fights.com


About V3Fights

V3Fights was founded in Memphis, TN as an amateur fighting circuit in 2009. The company’s mission is to provide quality MMA events for fans across the Mid-South, while serving as a proving ground for future professional MMA fighters. For more information on V3Fights, visit www.v3fights.com.

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