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I was so excited to finally get to see a V3 fight held at Minglewood Hall in Memphis, TN. I always heard from a couple of my team members these guys put on a great show, so I had to check it out for myself.

I’ll start with the weigh-ins that took place the night before the fights held at Club 152 on Beale St. I was one of the first one there, as the fighters started to arrive shortly after I got there. I could start to feel the intensity as the fighters started sizing each other up. These fighters were getting into their mind sets and looked like to me everyone of them felt like they could beat anyone in the building. It was awesome, all they had on their minds was wanting to weigh-in and get down to business. I’ve been to a lot of weigh-ins and this had to be the most intense I’ve ever seen. With a card this stacked and seasoned fighters with lots of skills and talent, I didn’t expect anything less.

I did have a chance to speak to some fighters after the weigh-ins. They were all glad it was over and ready to concentrate on the big evening that lies ahead the next day, V3 Fights at Minglewood Hall. The fighters I’ve talked to all seemed to be a lot more relaxed. It was like night and day difference the way their attitudes and mind set had changed. Most of the guys just wanted to relax and chill for the night.

I did run across some fighters at breakfast the next morning. They were all kicked back and just waiting for the fights. It was pretty cool how calm they all seemed. The calm before the storm! I find myself getting awfully excited as fight night gets closer, since this card will be full of pure excitement. There’s no easy fights on this card by any stretch of imagination.

I came on down to the venue (Minglewood Hall) early to check it all out. I got to say I’m very impressed, it feels like a great atmosphere for an amazing night of fights. I’ve always wanted to see a V3 fight and it’s been everything I thought and the fights haven’t even started yet.

People are starting to fill the venue and everything is starting to come together. The excitement is getting more and more intense. The fighters are going into the cage pre rolling and getting the feel of the cage. They all seemed anxious and ready to get to work. All the hard work and dedication is about to get unleashed inside the V3 cage.

These are the results by Joshua Shackleford who was covering the event for MMA Madhouse:

Johnny Oswalt vs. Jairo Rodriguez
Rodriguez wins by uma plata 2:52 rd 2
Josh Heuerman vs. Frankie Shugart Fight of the Night
Heuerman wins by unanimous decision Fight of the Night
Lee Rogers vs. Hunter Middleton
Middleton wins by tko 0:55 rd 3
Raheem Kenny vs. Jimmy Rice
Rice wins by unanimous decision
Bryan Tidwell vs. Bryce Mitchell
Tidwell wins by arm bar 1:48 rd 1
Marquese Branch vs. Adam Denton
Denton wins by tko 0:22 rd 2
Ross Campbell vs. Eli Mcglothlin
Campbell wins by split decision
Matt Elkins vs. Tyler Hill
Elkins wins by unanimous decision
Ben Parrish vs. Jason Aldridge
Parrish wins by tko end of rd 1 KO of the Night
Sheldon Smith vs. Jesse Parker V3 125 INTERIM TITLE
Smith wins by tko 0:20 rd 1
Blake Snow vs Jesse Sanderson V3 145 TITLE
Sanderson wins by unanimous decision
Amberlynn Orr vs Jamie Milanowski MAIN EVENT FEMALE TITLE
Orr wins by triangle armbar 1:49 rd 1 Submission of the Night

These fights were refereed by UFC 3rd man in the cage, Herb Dean.

All of these fights delivered pure excitement for the sold out event and the fans were loving it. It was hard for me to pick a favorite, so I’ll just say they were all my favorite. I sat beside a couple and their son, Their son was probably around 10-12 years old. I ask him who his favorite fighter was and his response…That’s a good question! That’s how awesome these fights were. The dad told me they came to all the V3 fights.

Every one of these fights could of been a Main Event. All of these fighters showcased a high standard blend of skill, aggression, finesse and brutality. These Warrior’s were simply outstanding! If you ever get a chance to see a V3 fight I absolutely recommend it. This was the first ever Female Main Event in Tennessee.


V3 Fights has just announced they will be showcasing PRO Events for 2014.
Fight fans you can catch all the action for these fights at GFL.TV 14.99


Photos of event by Joshua Shackleford https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?%20set=a.640450919330937.1073741849.124688067573894&type=3
Recap by HR BAKER

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