USFFC 11: Redemption Results

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Bantamweight: Ashten Koontz (0-0, Independent/Kannapolis, N.C.) vs. CJ Vanover (0-1, Independent)

Round 1 — We are ready to start this great night of fights, and here we go with the first fight of the night.  Fighter touch gloves, and the fighters clinch.  Vanover is able to get the mount position in the scramble.  Vanover was dropping a lot of shots from mount, and Koontz gives up his back.  After working for a bit to get the submission, Vanover is able to get the submission victory.

WINNER: CJ Vanover by submission via RNC in 1:13 of Round 1.

Middleweight: Patrick Ward (0-0, Precision Fight Team/Mauldin, S.C.) vs. Pedro Obrer (0-0, Highlander MMA/Louisville, Ky.)

Round 1 — Both fighters will be making their debut, and will be looking to make a statement with this fight.  The bell rings and we are underway.  Both fighters are feeling each other out to get a feel for each other.  Ward is working a good jab, and Obrer is controlling the center of the cage.  Ward lands a big punch, but Obrer is able to recover.  Obrer is using some good leg kicks, but Ward is showing the better punching ability.  Obrer shoots for a takedown, but is having a little trouble finishing the takedown.  Ward is showing some good takedown defense, and defends the takedown until the end of the round.  We are headed to a round 2.

Round 2 — The second round begins, and both fighters seem to be okay on the feet.  Ward is showing better technique in his punches, and landing the better shots.  Obrer is still staying composed, and landing some good leg kicks.  Ward has a nice bruise forming above the knee, but is still pressing forward.  In a brief exchange Ward lands a solid right hook, but Obrer doesn’t seem to be too hurt.  Obrer is screaming for him to go for the takedown, but to no avail.  Obrer is just throwing one punch at a time and Ward seems to be finding his groove.  The round ends with a flurry from both fighters.  We are going to the final round.

Round 3 — Going into the third I have Ward winning this fight.  As the bell ring Obrer gets a quick takedown, but Ward gets right back to his feet.  Obrer appears to be very tired because he is not keeping this hands up.  Ward is staying patient and finding his range.  Obrer goes for a big over hand but misses.  The pace has slowed a bit, and Obrer goes for a clinch but is pushed away by Ward.  Ward is still showing good hands and patients.  When the ten second warning goes off, Ward rushes his opponent, and lands some solid shots as the bell rings.  We are going to the judges’ decision.

WINNER: After 3 rounds of action we go the judges score cards, the judges score the fight 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 for your winner Patrick Ward.


Welterweight: Jeremy Doyle (1-0, Independent/Dunn, N.C.) vs. Aaron Brooks (0-0, Bodyquest MMA/Gastonia, N.C.)

Round 1 — The bell rings and we are underway.  The fighters come out and touch glove to show respect, and here we go.  Brooks get a quick takedown, and lands in his opponent’s guard to start things off.  Brooks stands up for a bit just to throw a punch, as he goes back down he take his opponents back.  Doyle is able to stand but receives a big slam for his trouble.  Brooks is able to get a back mount and throw some big punches, just enough to get Doyle to raise his head.  Brooks sinks in a deep rear naked choke and gets the submission victory.

WINNER: Aaron Brooks by submission via RNC 2:27 in Round 1.



Lightweight: Josh Westmoreland (2-0, Precision Fight Team/Greeneville, S.C.) vs. Samuel Behr (0-0, Legion MMA/Myrtle Beach, S.C.)

Round 1 — The fighters look ready, and we are underway.  THe fighters start the feeling out process.  Westmoreland starts with a good assault of punches that do some damage, but Behr shakes it off.  Westmoreland is showing the better standup getting in and out with his punches.  Behr is landing a couple of shots here and there, but falls down while exchanging, and gets right back up.  Behr is landing some solid leg kicks to keep his opponent at bay.  Everytime Behr comes in Westmoreland makes him pay with some nice one, two combos.  As the round comes to an end Westmoreland pours it on and finishes the round with his opponent against the cage.

Round 2 —  They meet back in the center and Westmoreland is showing a lot of confidence and is pressing forward more.  Behr is loosing up as well and lands a solid leg kick followed by a cross.  As Westmoreland goes for a kick Behr catches and gets the takedown.  Working from half guard, Behr is trying to pass, but Westmoreland is defending well.  Behr gets Westmoreland to the cage then passes his guard to get to full mount.  Westmoreland is scrambling to get free but Behr is keeping him in place.  With the round coming to a close, Behr finishes the round on top.

Round 3 — I have this fight at one round apiece and I think this will be the deciding round, lets see who can take control of this fight.  The fighters come out and Westmoreland is being the aggressor.  Behr likes them leg kicks, then shoots for another takedown, and gets it.   Working from half guard again, Behr is waiting for his moment to pass, and does to full mount.  Westmoreland rolls and is able to reverse the position, but is taken right back down by Behr.  Now Behr is in side control.  Westmoreland is able to get Behr back to half guard and slips in a guillotine, but is unable to finish the submission before the round ends.  We are going to the judges scorecard.

WINNER: After 3 rounds of action we go to the judges’ scorecards.  The judges score the fight 29-28,29-28, 29-28 for your winner: Samuel Behr.


Welterweight: Brandon Barrett (1-0, Bodyquest MMA/Gastonia, N.C.) vs. Adam Gregory (0-0, Nine Level MMA/Union, S.C.)

Round 1 — Fighters touch gloves and we are underway.  Barrett goes for a quick takedown, and pushes his opponent to the cage, and lands some good knees to the leg of Gregory.  Gregory does not like the knees and is looking to get out of this position.  Barrett has landed about 15 knees then takes his opponent down.  Barrett lands in guard but passes to mount quickly.  Gregory tries to escape, but to no avail.   Barrett moves his opponent to the cage and drops about 10 solid punches.  Gregory is able to withstand the storm and is able to get back to his feet.  As the round comes to a close both fighters finish the round standing.  We are going to round 2.

Round 2 —  This round begins with Barrett going for another takedown.  Barrett pushes Gregory to the cage and gets a big slam.  Barrett then proceeds to pass to mount and sinks in a head and arm choke until his opponent is forced to tap out.

WINNER: Brandon Barrett by submission via head and arm choke in :41 of Round 2.



Lightweight: Nathan Callahan (0-0, Charleston, S.C.) vs. Bronson Kaahui (0-0, Legion MMA, North Myrtle Beach, S.C.)

Round 1 — Both look ready to get started and we are underway.  Kaahul comes out throwing some big shots, but get rocked by Callahan with a straight right, but is able to recover and clinch his opponent.  Callahan is able to break free and we are back in the center.  Kaahul lands a big straight right of his own that hurts Callahan, but he is able to recover.  Kaahul is throwing some wild shots, and Callahan is able to move out of the way quite easily.  Kaahul is pushing the action more and controlling the cage more.  Kaahul knocks Callahan down with a punch but as he goes in to capitalize he gets caught in a triangle choke, and is choked out.

WINNER: Nathan Callahan by submission via triangle 2:49 in Round 1.


Light Heavyweight: Chase Gamble (2-1, Bodyquest MMA/Gastonia, N.C.) vs. Jordan Humphries (0-0, Highlander MMA/Louisville, Ky.)

Round 1 — These fighters look ready to go and the bell sounds to get us started.  Fighters touch gloves, and we start with some leg kicks form Gamble.  As Humphries goes back, Gamble shoots for a takedown and is able to finish it.  Working from guard, Gamble is looking to land some shots.  Humphries is able to get back to his feet but not before he eats a knee.  Humphries goes for a takedown himself, but Gamble is able to defend.  Gamble then goes for a takedown against the cage and gets a big slam, then moves to mount.   Gamble then postures up and starts dropping some heavy shots, and Humphries is doing everything to defend them.  As the round comes to an end Gamble goes for an armbar, but is unable to finish it before the round ends.

Round 2 — Gamble takes the center of the cage, and as Humphries comes in, Gamble drops for a takedown and gets it.  Gamble passes to mount once again, and has plenty of time to work.  Gamble is unleashing a fury of punches and hammer fist until the ref steps in to stop the fight.

WINNER: Chase Gamble by TKO via strikes from mount 1:17 of Round 2.


Middleweight: Dustin Messer (2-2, Black and Blue MMA/Waynesville, N.C.) vs. Ali Elreda (2-0, Fitness Edge MMA/Myrtle Beach, S.C.)

Round 1 — The bell sounds and we are underway.  Elreda lands a good leg kick, but gets push to the cage by Messer.  Elreda sinks in a guillotine choke, but Messer is able to escape.  Fighters are still against the cage and Elreda gets a takedown.  From his opponent’s guard, Elreda is throwing some good shots to the body and head.  Messer goes for an armbar, but Elreda defends it and get his back.   Messer is able to spin and get on top of Elreda.  As Messer is punching he lands in an armbar.  Messer tries to pick up Elreda and slam him, but just makes it that much worse and he is forced to tap.

WINNER: Ali Elreda by submission via armbar 2:42 of Round 1.


Welterweight: Brandon Bowes (5-2, Yanceyville BJJ/Leesburg, Va.) vs. Walker Vivian (6-5)

Round 1 — The fighters touch gloves and we are underway.  Vivian starts the jab early, and checks a kick to start the round.  Big leg kick from Vivian followed by a stiff jab.  Then lands another nice one, two combo.  Vivian looks to be the more comfortable fighter on his feet as he is just picking Bowes apart on the feet.  Vivian lands a big over hand right that drops Bowes and Vivian is quick to jump on him.  Vivian lands some big knees to the body and some big punches, but Bowes recovers and gets the action back to the center of the cage.  As the round comes to an end both fighter seem content going to a second round.

Round 2 — We start this round where the last one left off with Vivian working the jab, and leg kicks.  Bowes doesn’t seem to comfortable on his feet and cannot find an answer for Vivian’s standup.  Bowes lands a couple of jab here and there, but is rocked once again by a straight right, but is still able to recover.  Vivian keeps countering Bowes with a left hook every time Bowes comes in to strike.  Vivian is really finding a home for that jab, and making Bowes pay for it.  Bowes has blood coming from his nose, and with the round coming to a close Vivian is in control of this fight.

Round 3 — Bowes comes out and you can tell he has taken a beating from Vivian, and Vivian doesn’t even looked winded.  Vivian starts the round with a body shot and then get hits with a low blow, and the action is stopped.  When the fight resumes Vivian lands another leg kick, and then repeats with a straight right that hurts Bowes, and Bowes shoots for a takedown, and after working a bit gets the takedown.  Bowes is able to get the back of Vivian, but only for a second, as Vivian get top control back.  The fight stalls and the ref stands them up.  Bowes shoots for another takedown and takes the fight to the cage.  Vivian is showing good defense and pushes Bowes off him.  Bowes has started working push kicks to the knee, but not much damage is being done.  As the fight comes to an end Bowes shoots for a takedown and gets it right at the bell.  We are going to a judges decision.

WINNER: After 3 rounds of action we go to the judges’ scorecards. The judges score it 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 for your winner: Walker Vivian

USFFC Interim Bantamweight Title

Marcus Levester (4-4, Team Ruthless/Jacksonville, N.C.) vs. Michael Torres (4-0, Bodyquest MMA/Gastonia, N.C.)

Round 1 — These fighters look ready to get this fighter underway, and the bell gets things started.  Torres takes the center of the cage and lands a good leg kick, then a good body kick.  Torres shoots for a takedown and gets a huge slam and lands in his opponent’s guard.  Levester is looking for an opening to escape, but is eating some shots from Torres.  Levester gets back to his feet and slips in a guillotine, but slips off his opponent to his back and Torres is back on top.  Torres is landing some big shots but is not going crazy and picking his shots.  Levester is trying to stand back up, but Torres takes him back down and gets mount.  Levester uses an elbow escape to get back to guard, but Torres is raining down big punches.  Torres is relentless on the ground and pound and has dominated this round until the bell sounds.

Round 2 — Torres throws a one two and shoots for another takedown and takes the action to the cage.  Torres then slams Levester and lands in side control.  Levester gets back to half guard, then back to full guard.  Torres is still throwing some big punches and is connecting with most of them.  Torres passes to side control, then takes the back of Levester.  Torres is able to get some punches through Levester defense.  Torres sinks in a RNC, but lets it go to throw more punches, then locks it up again.  His opponent is showing good submission defense, and fights off the submission until the end of the round. We are going to round 3.

Round 3 — Torres comes out again with another leg kick.  Levester knows that he is behind in the fight and is being more aggressive.  Torres goes for another big slam but falls into a guillotine.  Torres is able to escape and is now working from his opponent’s guard.  Levester is trying to contain the strikes of Torres and does a good job because the ref stands them up.  Torres goes in for another flurry, but is taken down by Levester, but the ref doesn’t let them stay there long and stands them up again.  Torres gets another takedown against the cage.  Levester just can’t get any offense going.  With the round coming to an end Torres finishes the round on top.  We are going to a 4th round.

Round 4 — Torres lands a low blow right as the round begins, but Levester doesn’t seem too hurt by it.  These fighter are content with keeping the fight standing, until Levester gets a takedown.  Working from his opponent’s guard, Levester has to get something going this round.  The fight stalls and the ref stands them up once again.  While back on the feet Levester catches one of Torres kicks and makes him eat a straight right.  Torres gets free then goes for a shot of his own, and takes the action to the cage.  Levester doesn’t seem to be going for anything, just trying to hang on.  Torres throws knees to the leg and then passes to half guard.  As the round comes to an end Torres finishes the round in back mount position.  We are going to a 5th and final round.

Round 5 —  I have Torres in complete control of this fight, and starts this round with a nice superman punch.  Levester is trying to be more aggressive, but gets taken down.  Torres is working from side control, and is looking going to mount.  Torres has both arms trapped and is raining down punches.  Levester looks very winded, and Torres is continuing to land punches.  Levester is able to get guard back, but only for a second, then passes to half guard.  Torres is picking his shots and is landing most of them from this position.  Torres jumps on his opponent’s back as the round comes to an end to try and finish him, but Levester hangs on until the bell sounds.  We are going to the judges.

WINNER:  After 5 rounds of action we go to the judges scorecards.  All judges score it 50-45 for your winner and new Bantamweight champion: Michael Torres

USFFC Strawweight Female Title

Hannah Cifers (3-0, United Thai Boxing/Kittrell, N.C.) vs. Delaney Owen (4-1, Highlander MMA/Tampa, Fla.)

Round 1 — We are ready for our main event of the night and will the be the first time a woman’s match has been the main event in North Carolina history.  We are underway in this Stawweight Title fight. Owen clinches up with Cifers and both fighters work some dirty boxing.  Cifers gets the fight to the ground and is working from her opponent’s guard.  Cifers is working punches to the body and the head to try and make an opening.  Owen is staying calm, and looking for an opening of her own.  Cifers is able to break free for a bit and land a couple of shots, but not much damage is being done.  Cifers is controlling this fight with her ground game, but the fight is stood back up. As the round comes to an end Cifers pushes the pace and rocks Owen with punches, but Owen is able to survive the round.

Round 2 — Owen shoots for a takedown right off the bat, but Cifers show good takedown defense and sprawls to block the takedown.  Owen pulls guard, and is looking to try and mount some offense.  Cifers is staying busy with punches to the body and the head.   Owen goes for a kamura, but is blocked by Cifers.  Cifers puts Owen to the cage, and is looking real good on the ground.  Owen cannot seem to escape, but locks in a loose triangle.  Cifers is defending well, but Owen is still working to get the triangle.  Finally Cifers breaks the triangle, and finishes the round raining down punches.

Round 3 — Owen goes for another quick takedown, but the defense of Cifers is just too good.  Owen pulls guard again, but its right against the cage.  Cifers throws knees to the legs of Owen from guard to try and break Owen’s guard.  Cifers continues the knees and Owen is trying everything to get free. Cifers is able to posture up and start raining down punches.  I’m not sure how much Owen can take, but she needs to do something quick.  Cifers is still working her ground and pound, then she is able to stand up.  Owen goes for another takedown,  and Cifers is able to stuff it.  At the end of the round Cifers is able to drop some bombs to her opponent’s body and head.

Round 4 — Cifers is the aggressor this fight and this round is no different.  Seems that Owen wants to stand, but after eating a couple of shots she clinches Cifers to the cage.  Cifers land some good knees then backs away.  Cifers land some more bomb, and is relentless in her attack.  Owen clinches up and pulls guard once again.  Cifers is close to getting a mount and does.  Cifers is showing great ground and pound, then stands back to her feet.   Cifers land some more shots and Owen pulls guard.  Cifer is able to pass guard and is now in side control.  Owen attempts a heel hook, but it doesn’t seem to be hurting Cifers as she is able to escape, but is in guard position.  Owen is able to finish this round in top position.  We are going to the final round.

Round 5 — I have Cifers way in front in this fight, and Owen needs a knockout or submission to win the fight.  Cifers is staying calm and is picking her shots.  Cifers is dominating the stand up and landing shots at will.  Owen attempts to clinch and pulls guard once again.  Cifers is looking to pass to mount, but is stuck in half guard.  Both fighters have a lot of heart to keep this pace for this long.  Owen is able to get Cifers back to full guard, but the fight stalls and the ref stands them back up.  Owen shoots for other takedown but Cifers defends it well and gets in her opponent’s guard.  Owen attempts an armbar but Cifers defends well, and stays in top position until the end of the fight.  We are going to the judges’ scorecard.

WINNER: After 5 rounds of action we go to the judges’ scorecard.  All judges score it 50-45 for your winner and new Strawweight champion: Hannah Cifers

Tonight was a great night of fights, and capped off with the crowning of a new Women’s Strawweight Champion.  We will back at The Swamp Fox May 11th for USFFC 12.

Thanks to John Moorehouse for the official results & to Ryan Gibson for the live feed commentary.



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