UFC GYM Westminister grand opening

UFC GYM Westminister grand opening
Photo courtesy: Diana Rael
Blood courtesy:Adam Doyle


When u walk into the new UFC gym in Westminster, Colorado ( Grand opening Sat October 26th) you can smell the success not becuase of the gyms name, but from the hard work of the who come in to change there life. You will hear heavy bags being hit, Fighters in the ring sparing, and sound of personal trainers driveing there clients to succeed every thing you should hear in a world class gym. With amazeing new equipment and new look the UFC GYM has all the resources to iter become a elite fighter or get in the best shape of your life. With Class for all ages in BJJ/THAI/BOXING and CARDIO This is the place to train not not to metion you never know who might walk threw the door. And did I metion that its is the Official Bang Muay Thai Hotbox of Westminster a system that was created by UFC vetren Duane “bang” Ludwig and home to the Infomiss Serial Boxe Fight Team.

General manager Steven Paprocki and Co General manager Matthew Cox run the day to day operations. but also n every aspect of the gym alsalsong some of the best mixed martial artists in Colorado and part of the Serial Boxe fight team these gentleman have knowledge of the fight world and life. They have put together a group of personal trainers beyond belief what was Danas Whites saying ” do you want to fighter?” well that exactly what they are some of the most insightful knowledgeable fighters in the state even the world. one thing is for sure if you sign up you better man/woman up for they will push you harder then you have ever been pushed before running the class are 105lb world ranked Diana Rael (Co fight Team Instructor youth instructor/boxing/Thai/BJJ/cardio/weight management specialist)Professional Thai/MMA fighter Ali Hanjani (Co-fight team
instructor BJJ and ground) Professional Thai and MMA fighter Danny Mitchell (personal trainer /class instructor) Amateur Boxing and Thai fighter Adam Doyal ( personal trainer/ Class instructor) Amateur Fighter Cody Adam(youth BJJ) And last but not lest Professional Thai/MMA fighter and Coach, Coach Benjamin Schissler (Serial Boxe fight team head coach/Thai”),Cody Adam (youth BJJ). You will see one of these people hear at all times of operation and are more then willing top help and guide guests to there performance goals.

Westminster’s UFC GYM is hometown the infamous Serial Boxe Fight team. The team is led buy soft spoken and respected Coach Benjamin Schissler with a hands on teaching this coach is nothing but amazing. Theirs an age ol saying “do you want to be a fighter” does not pertane to this group its more like ” do you want to make a champion” and that is just what he has don building a team of champions one by one. With Co couch in the likes of recent Free agent , TOP WORLD RANKED 105 woman’s professional MMA fighter “Dynamite” Diana Rael, who has been taking on nothing but top of the line competition her all career recently becoming a free agent, Rael is looking for a good place to call home. the professional’s on this amazing team also include are Ali The “Sandstorm” Hanjani, Nathan Gates, Stephanie Skinner “XFC 105lb signed fighter” And Matthew Cox(who will be looking to capture the 170 pound Sparta Combat League Walterweight title). But
the Team doesn’t stop the ther is a hole stable of hugery and eger to learn and amateur fighters witch includes the Colorado’s #1 ranked Amateur heavyweight Juggernaut BIG Steve Paprocki (defending Sparta Combat League Heavyweight Champion) also Steve Johnson, Luke Rutz, Doug Hoover, Peyton Gilmore, Donald “Doomsday” Pierce, Will Ellis, Matt Peckham,Kevin Powers, Adam” the Britt” Doyal and Dominick Valenzuela. With great coaches and becoming the Official Bang Muay Thai Hotbox of Westminster watch out for this team to take some more title next year for they are all ways looking to learn more. For more information on information on UFC GYM Westminster fill free to drop in 10450 Towncenter DR. STE.200, Westminister,Colorado 80021 or you can call (303) 439-8269.


  1. This place is a ripoff.
    The managers cheat members out of huge amounts of money every day.
    The classes are a joke, the instructors are boring, repetitive and have no idea what their doing.
    The “fight” team Serial Boxe is without a doubt the worst run club I’ve ever encountered. Bad tempers, favoritism and a complete lack of knowledge is what you’ll find here.
    Do your self a favor and go somewhere else.

  2. Sure, the classes are expensive, but you get what you pay for. Professionals and fighters that know what they’re doing. Do yourself a favor and go check it out and form your own opinion.

  3. Sure the trainers are fighters but they don’t seem to know how to teach. I took a couple of classes and was amazed that the instructors seem to be more interested in checking their text messages than teach the class. One of them even took a call on her cell phone, walked outside and didn’t come back for 5 minutes during a class.
    I’m canceling my membership this place is not right for someone looking to get in shape and who wants the trainers to pay attention to them.
    Also you’ll be pressured into signing up for private lessons every second your there!

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