UCL 15: King of the Valley Live Results

UCL 15: King of the Valley Live Results

Results Courtesy Rob Sharpe

Roy Turner defeats Les Bara via 1st round TKO

Justin Yeo defeats Damon Bennett via 1st round submission(triangle)

Rodney Yeo defeats Will Shuter via 1st round submission(RNC)

Exhibition Fight: Jakob George defeats Roy Turner 2 subs to 0 subs.

John Woods defeats Devan Mosley via 3rd round submission(guillotine)

Matt Blair defeats Myles Padley via 1st round TKO

Ryan Stephens defeats Deven Nagata via UD

Mikel Dupont defeats Michael heppner via 1st round submission(armbar)

Ty Edenoste defeats Billy Strande via 2nd round TKO

Jordan Roy defeats Chatto Ramsay via 1st round submission(RNC)

Devin Gaipo defeats Jimmy Honeywell via 2nd round TKO

Kyle Francotti defeats Joe Aspinall via 2nd round submission(guillotine)


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  1. Awsome event can’t wait for another one. Hopefully they bring enough beer this time we drank em dry! Everyone came out put on a great show some on short notice. Great job organizing as well props!

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