TUF Australia: The Smashes Episode 2 Recap

Episode two of TUF Australia: The Smashes was not short on action in or out of the cage.  Early in the episode you see Norman Parke and Colin Fletcher start to develop a rivalry with Ben Wall, which was a great piece of foreshadowing.  The episode was not short of bad news as Michael Pastou was informed that he would be leaving the house due to his injured bicep.  Pastou’s replacement is Brandon Loughnane, a very green 22 year old lightweight.

During the Poms training session the FreakShow climbed up the scaffolding and did some photoshop work to George Sotiropoulos’ picture turning him into a pirate.  George failed to see the humor in it, while the Brits thought it was pretty funny.

Sotiropoulos announces the lightweight fight and from Team Aussie he selects Ben Wall and from Team UK Colin “The FreakShow” Fletcher.  As they squared off Fletcher looks at both Wall and Sotiropoulos and says, “thank you.”

1st LightWeight Fight

Round 1:  Fletcher walks out to the cage with one of his trademark masks while Wall walks out with the towel over his head like Rocky.  They exchange a few strikes in the opening moments of the fight, but that does not last long as Wall intiates the clinch and almost immediately Fletcher is fishing for a standing guillotine.  Fletcher using his long limbs to pepper Wall with knees to the body and head, he also is adapt at tying up limbs in the clinch and attacking with his free limbs.  Ben Wall lands a crisp combo to the chin of Fletcher, but it does not phase him one bit and they clinch back up.  Again Fletcher is immediately looking for another choke before landing another barrage of knees to the chin of Wall, who backs out of the clinch.  Wall shoots for a takedown and momentarily has Fletcher’s back, but he is able to sweep move to a modified north-south position and locks on a reverse guillotine as the round closes.

Round 2: Wall opens the round with a leg kick and eats a head kick for his troubles.  Wall looking flustered due to Fletcher’s length and unorthodox style.  Fletcher is using his kicks to keep Wall at bay and out of his range. Mixing up head, body and leg kicks throughout the first two minutes of the round.  Wall settles in and finds a rhythm and begins to land some punches.  Wall wades through and intiates the clinch again and again Fletcher is immediately fishing for a standing guillotine.  Fletcher ties up Wall’s arms again and is peppering him with knees to the face, Wall is now wearing the proverbial crimson mask albeit a small one. The last minute of this round was a barnburner with neither competitor wanting to leave anything in the octagon.

Winner of the first lightweight fight is Colin “The FreakShow” Fletcher via unanimous decision.  This gives control of the next fight to the Brits allowing Pearson to finally pick a matchup.  In the post-fight interview Fletcher states that Wall earned his respect in that fight and he was glad to pick up the victory.

Make sure you tune in next week as the welterweights are back in the cage.

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