TRACY LOCKWOOD  a name in 2013 you will come to know


For those of you who may not know Tracy Lockwood let me start by say she is by far a force to be reckoned  with at 145. Her stand up game is second to none and she might be new to WMMA but not to the fight game. Let’s get to know more about who she is and  her background. MMAmadhouse is always looking at local MMA in every corner of the world and after seeing her win at Super Fight League earlier this year I went to do more research and what I found made me as a fan very happy.


MH.     I know you a lot better than most fans, so let’s change that. Tell everyone who you are and where you’re from.

TL.     My name is Tracy Lockwood and I am from  Ashhurt( a small town in the north island) New Zealand,


MH.     As I said I feel you’re a fighter who has the tools to make a big impact in WMMA today. Would you mind telling us about your Martial Arts Background and how you got into it.

TL.     I started Taekwondo at 7 and got my black belt at 13 years old, I was a national champion for many years and represented new Zealand internationally. I came to Thailand to teach English, competed here in Taekwondo, but ran out of competition (because I’m not a small girl) and my TKD trainer suggested I go and try Muay Thai in a local club.


MH.    Your Pro Thai career was I must say IMPRESSIVE! How did you like that pace and fight style?

TL.     I trained first in Bangkok at a government sports centre, and then later after a short while at Dragon Muay Thai in Phuket, before being sponsored to fight by Tiger Muay Thai (Phuket) this is where I had most my fights out of.

The training was very hard, but very good and the trainers there all ex champions, they treat everyone the same male or female and push you as far as you can go every day. They have a separate pro fight ring so that you are only training along pro fighters same as yourself.

Tiger Muay Thai has a wonderful facilities and I am very appreciative of their sponsorship and support.


MH.     How did you come to change your fight career after having such an impressive Pro Thai career?

TL.    After 2 years of Training Muay Thai day in and day out, it was getting a bit stale and Training at Tiger Muay Thai, they offered BJJ, Wrestling, MMA class so I gave it  a go and enjoyed it, I got a chance to fight a amateur  MMA fight at Phuket top team. After that win , I was in Love with MMA


MH.     Now that you’re in MMA, What are the biggest differences that you have noticed in training and preparing for a fight?

TL.     Trying to balance the BJJ and Muay Thai out, I need more time on my BJJ because my level is lower than that of my Muay Thai, but the stand up training is still very important.


MH.     Where are you training? Do you still work any of your old striking coaches?

TL.      I’m training BJJ/MMA at EMAC in Bangkok under Ben Stark and my stand up is back at my old government gym for now where I have my own  trainer. But I’ve just moved back to Bangkok and am yet to find a Bangkok Muay Thai gym that I feel good at.


MH.     I know you are looking to get to  Invicta FC in America and have had a fight with their sister league Super Fight League, How hard has it been for a WMMA fighter from New Zealand to get fights and recognition.

TL.    Invicta is just a dream right now; right now I’m just looking forward to my next SFL fight. New Zealand is pretty much unknown for WMMA, and there is little or no backing or funding in New Zealand, unfortunately this is for most sports in New Zealand.


MH.     I know Klench Kustom Mouthguards has stepped up and sponsored your guard and knowing that they sponsor some of the best WMMA fighters in the world tells me that your name must be getting out there. Do you have any other sponsors?

TL.    Coming from Muay Thai to MMA I lost a couple of my sponsors, but right now I’m looking for more sponsors to help support me in my career.I would really like a New Zealand company to support me as I am proud to be Kiwi.



MH.     Was it the same getting sponsors in your Thai career?

TL.    My ex gym was my main sponsor, along with another NZ martial arts company.


HM.     You now training in BJJ. How do you like the ground game? How easy or hard has it been to mix it with your Thai game?

TL.   The stand is very natural to me, but I have had great BJJ teachers, and recently won the Bangkok open, in woman’s absolute and got 2nd in my weight class (No Gi) The GI classes are the hardest for me.


MH.     I hope to see you fight soon is anything on the books? If not are there any names you would like to match up against?

TL.     I was looking forward to fighting Charmaine  Tweet at SFL , but it seems that is not going to happen.  So I’m just looking forward to my next fight (with SFL) early 2013.


MH.     I want to thank you for taking the time to do this. Is there any people you want to thank?

TL.     Thank you Tiger Muay Thai , for all they have done for me, all my Muay Thai trainers especially Chamuang Kietnewat, Laimgkon Chuwattana, my training partners. My BJJ trainers who have had a lot of patience with me (Wiktor Svenson, Fernando Maccachero Rafael , Roger Huerta , Ray Elbe, Ben Stark) My friends and of course my family. Cant forget Klench Kustom Mouthguards.


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  1. Good luck, Tracy Lockwood! Talent aside, you seem to be a likeable person. Just the little things, like the post-fight respect for your opponent’s well being, has made me a fan.

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