Tim Welch Interview

Shortly after the official Bellator Fighting Championship announcement that they had signed Pacific-Northwest fighter Tim “CheapShot” Welch (9-3), he took the time to sit down and chat with MMAMadhouse.com.  Tim is currently on a three fight win streak and makes his Bellator FC debut September 29th in Atlantic City against Michail Tsarev in the opening round of the upcoming welterweight tournament.

Tim Welch is training out of the Sports Lab Martial Arts under the tutelage of Phil Claud.  At the Sports Lab, Tim is able to train with the likes of Mike Pierce, Ian Loveland, Tyson Nam, Frank Ramsey and Dave Jansen.  Having trained previously at Team Quest Gresham and still going over there once a week to mix up his training.  Tim Welch is looking to keep his training progressing and not afraid to switch gyms if he feels it is the right move for his career.

When asked what the fans can look for in his upcoming scrap with Michail Tsarev.  Welch stated,  “I wanna take after my partner, Lloyd Woodard, I just wanna fight, go in there and make it a street fight and just make it exciting and have people wanna watch me fight because it is exciting.”

Tim Welch was a late bloomer getting into athletics, he did not start wrestling until his freshman year of high school at which point he also dabbled in some boxing smokers.  After not quite accomplishing his goals as a high school wrestler, Tim was looking for an alternative way to accomplish those goals and found MMA.  After losing his first match, and beating himself up mentally over the loss he was able to string together a nice win streak, which proved to himself that he belonged in the sport.

Unaware of the pro aspect of the sport until one of his training partners had his first pro contract, Tim found a way to turn his passion into a career.  After winning his first pro fight Tim was so excited that he almost forgot to collect his PAYCHECK, luckily for him his fight team did not allow that to happen.

“I went back to collect my paycheck and was like holy cow I want to do this for the rest of my life, I can’t believe I just beat that guy up for seven minutes and got a $1000 I was just pumped.”

Tim credits his early success to having a great coach when he was first cutting his teeth in the sport, Matt Powers (Dog Pound Fight Team, Missoula Montana).  Tim credits Matt with properly bringing him along early in his career by selecting the right fights for him and not throwing him in too deep of waters to soon.

Growing up in Montana is a huge aspect of Tim’s success in MMA so far and is grateful that he did not grow up in other places.  Growing up in Montana allowed Tim to set goals like being the best fighter in his weight class in the state.  Something he felt was a realistic goal in comparison to growing up in a state like California where that goal may be more difficult.  It is in accomplishing these goals and setting new ones that brought Tim to the Portland area to do his training and has him fighting on one of the largest stages in the world, Bellator FC.

Tim thanks his great coaches past, present and future for his successes in and out of the cage.  He also wanted to thank his family, girlfriend and her family for their never ending support as he chases his dreams of being a world champion.

Tune in on September 29 as Tim Welch steps inside the Bellator cage against Michail Tsarev and puts his skills on display for a worldwide audience on MTV2.


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