Thomas Webb by Kahri Richardson

By Kahri Richardson

_facebook_1984745761Baton Rouge Louisiana offers a vast history and vibrant mix of cultures for anyone in and outside of the city. Deep within, there’s a secret ready to emerge and leave his mark on the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, making his name one you will not soon forget.

Thomas Webb, a Baton Rouge native associated with LA Boxing, is known for his explosive ground skills as well as exceptional striking. Training under notables such as Kyle Bradley, Tim Credeur, and Rich Clementi has helped take Webb from a single level to a multi-dimensional training partner, instructor, and fighter. With that he believes he will have an advantage on May 3rd when he faces off with Calvin Miller at the Baton Rouge River Center in a lightweight bout on the Stacked 3 card for USA-MMA. Looking to take his professional record to 6-0 he believes he is comfortable and evenly skilled at every position in which he and Miller could possibly end up.

Previously fighting at 170, Webb decided to drop weight classes believing he was smaller than some of the other welterweights. This has lead to a better diet and healthier lifestyle. While portion control and counting calories takes hard work and dedication, this is not a challenge for Webb.

             Starting Tae Kwon Do at age 5, wrestling throughout high school to his 12 year military career as an engineer and heavy equipment operator for the Louisiana National guard, dedication could be Webb’s middle name. From wrestling championships, titles in grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments to deployments overseas to Afghanistan, Haiti, and Germany, Webb puts his heart in all he does.

Influences always play a big role in anyone’s life and when asked about his, although many names came to mind, one stood out: Dustin Poirier. Webb says Poirier is a man on a mission and has shown him the right path to success.

He is a fighter and true fan of the sport, not the show but the sport. He will welcome any man placed in from of him. Thomas Webb is all that is MMA.


Follow Thomas G. Webb on Twitter @TgrantW


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