SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix – Final Elimination in Ploiesti, Romania on November 9th






SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix – Final Elimination will take place on 9th of November in Ploiesti, Romania, with Catalin Morosanu, Raul Catinas, 4 eliminatory fights and two title eliminatory fights on the agenda. In total, warriors from 12 different countries will try to get their ticket for SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix – Final, scheduled on 21st of December in Galati, Romania.


Broadcasted in more than 70 countries around 4 continents, the event scheduled for 9th of November will rebrand the Final Elimination system. “For this year, we decided to make the Final Elimination with all new heroes discovered in 2013. We will have the winners of SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix tournament, excepting Sebastian Ciobanu, injured, and we offered also wild-cards for other newcomers”, said Eduard Irimia.

Eight fighters, including Muamer Tufekcic (SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix – Oradea winner), D’Angelo Marshall (SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix – Botosani winner) and Jegish Yegoian (SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix – Giurgiu winner), but also a new prospect, Giannis Stoforidis (SUPERKOMBAT® Tryouts – Athens winner) are attending the event.

Undefeated since 2008, Ondrej Hutnik, one of the top fighters of super cruiserweight division will face French Massinissa Hamaili in the eliminatory title fight. The winner will take the second spot for SUPERKOMBAT® world title after the first one was taken by Andrei Stoica, the winner of the first eliminatory fight on December 2012, when he knocked-out Arnold Oborotov.

In the second eliminatory fight of the night, Igor Bugaenko (Belarus) and Jorge Loren (Spain) will try to become the official challenger of Superkombat cruiserweight champion Bogdan Stoica. Only one of them will be the opponent of “The Bad Boy” on 21st December and Loren is confident. “I know Bugaenko has much experience, but I have better skills so I’m sure I will be the winner in the end of the war”, said Jorge Loren.

After a 11 months break, Raul “Iron” Catinas is set for his comeback in SUPERKOMBAT® and, on 9th of November, he will fight in the co-main-event against Ricardo Van Den Bos. In the last fight of the night, SUPERKOMBAT® star Catalin Morosanu, one of the greatest brawlers in the world, is ready for the confrontation with Daniel Lentie.

Olimpia Sports Hall
Tineretului Park, Ploiesti, Romania

Date & Time:
Doors Open: Saturday, November 9 at 9:30pm EET
Opening Ceremony: Saturday, November 9 at 10:00pm EET

Price: 30.00 RON

LIVE Pay-Per-View
Price: 9.95 USD

TV Broadcast:
This event will be broadcasted LIVE by in Romania starting from 10:00pm EET, Eurosport, Eurosport HD and Eurosport Asia-Pacific in more than 70 countries from 4 continents starting from 9:00pm CET and on Fight Now! TV in United States of America starting from 3:00pm ET / 12:00pm PT.

Fight Card:

1. Super Fight – Middleweight Bout (-71.00kg)
Amansio Paraschiv (Romania) vs. TBA (To-Be-Announced)

2. Final Elimination / Spot 1 – Heavyweight Bout (+96.00kg)
Mathieu Kongolo (Belgium) vs. Giannis Stoforidis (Greece)

3. Final Elimination / Spot 2 – Heavyweight Bout (+96.00kg)
Muamer Tufekcic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) vs. Frank Munoz (Spain)

4. Final Elimination / Spot 3 – Heavyweight Bout (+96.00kg)
Jegish Yegoian (Armenia) vs. Redouan Cairo (Suriname)

5. Final Elimination / Spot 4 – Heavyweight Bout (+96.00kg)
D’Angelo Marshall (Suriname) vs. Pacome Assi (Cote D’Ivoire)

6. SUPERKOMBAT® Super Cruiserweight Title Eliminator / Spot 2 – Super Cruiserweight Bout (-95.00kg)
Massinissa Hamaili (France) vs. Ondrej Hutnik (Czech Republic)

7. SUPERKOMBAT® Cruiserweight Title Eliminator – Cruiserweight Bout (-92.00kg)
Igor Bugaenko (Belarus) vs. Jorge Loren (Spain)

8. Super Fight – Heavyweight Bout (+96.00kg)
Ricardo Van Den Bos (Netherlands) vs. Raul Catinas (Romania)

9. Super Fight – Heavyweight Bout (+96.00kg)
Daniel Lentie (Cameroon) vs. Catalin Morosanu (Romania)




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