SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix in Botosani, Romania on September 28th

SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix in Botosani, Romania on September 28th

The third edition of SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix series of the year will be held in Botosani (Romania), one of the oldest area heritage in the world known for Cucuteni-Trypillian culture. SUPERKOMBAT® heavyweight star Benjamin “Mr. Gentleman” Adegbuyi will fight in the main-event of SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix in Botosani (Romania) on September 28th, but on the card, fighters as Andrei “Mr. KO” Stoica, Gaetan Sautron, Fred Sikking or Ionut “Pitbull” Atodiresei have also been announced.

“As usual, as a main-stream promotion, we make a mix between culture, history and combat sports because here, in the Botosani area, traces of civilization were found from year 5.500 BC. Back to the topic, we will have a night with 8 fights, including the heavyweight tournament, and we will continue our road to create a new generation of heroes.”, said Eduard Irimia, president of SUPERKOMBAT®.

Leroy Johnson (United States of America), Giannis Stoforidis (Greece), Gaetan Sautron (France) and D’Angelo Marshall (Suriname) were added in the 4-man heavyweight tournament of the night and they will fight to win a place for SUPERKOMBAT® Final Elimination, scheduled on November 9th).

Besides the tournament, 5 superfights are scheduled for September 28th with the KO artist Benjamin Adegbuyi in the main-event, as his first fight after, in August, he won in Surinam, after a dramatic struggle against SUPERKOMBAT® heavyweight champion Ismael “Mr. Pain” Londt. Also, the rising star Andrei Stoica, with an impressive KO success at SUPERKOMBAT® New Heroes (Targoviste), has been announced again on the card for Botosani. Local hero Ionut Atodiresei, a TV star in Romania and WAKO Pro world champion, has been added for a superfight at -65kg division.

The location of the event will be “Elisabeta Lipa” Polyvalent Hall, named after the most decorated rower in the history of the Olympics, winning five golds, two silvers and one bronze. Tickets for SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix (Botosani) can be purchased from

SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix (Botosani) will be broadcasted live by Eurosport International and Eurosport Asia-Pacific in more than 70 countries around the world.

Full fight-card of SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix (Botosani) will be announced next week.


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