Superkombat New Heroes in Vienna on May 10 with Zabid Samedov on the card!

Superkombat New Heroes in Vienna on May 10 with Zabid Samedov on the card!


SUPERKOMBAT® proudly announced the third event of SUPERKOMBAT® New Heroes concept that will be held at Gasometer Arena from Vienna (Austria) on May 10, 2013 in association with Iron Fist Vienna and Azerbaijan Academic Association.

The concept of SUPERKOMBAT® New Heroes Vienna is a “Azerbaijan vs. Europe” battle and will include 11 superfights. “In this event we have the best fighters from Azerbaijan. I’m sure we will find at this event at least one new hero from this country with a big potential for the combat sports.”, said SUPERKOMBAT® president Eduard Irimia.

On the card were added the winner of SUPERKOMBAT® Tryouts from Dortmund, Janosch Nietlishpach, but also the the last winner of SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix tournament from Oradea, Muamer Tufekcic and the Local Kombat champion from Romania, Cristian Milea.

“Because on May 10, 2013 azerbaijani people are celebrating the 90th birthday anniversary of the legendary president Heydar Aliyev, the event will be dedicated in honour of him.”, explained Mr. Eduard Irimia.

In the main-event of the night, the K-1 star Zabit Samedov will fight against the polish veteran Wieslaw Kwasniewski in his last battle before his rematch with Badr Hari from May 25, 2013.

Also, SUPERKOMBAT® president Eduard Irimia has announced that Mr. Ramin Shukurov is the new member of SUPERKOMBAT® family and he will lead the office from Azerbaijan from now.

SUPERKOMBAT® New Heroes Fight Card (May 10, 2013 – Vienna, Austria):

– Heavyweight: Zabit Samedov (Azerbaijan) vs. Wieslaw Kwasniewski (Poland)
– 72.5kg: Parviz Abdullayev (Azerbaijan) vs. Fadi Merza (Austria)
– 81kg: Kamil Sharifov (Azerbaijan) vs. Niels Wilmnik (Netherlands)
– 72.5kg: Alim Nabiyev (Azerbaijan) vs. Adem Bozkurt (Turkey)
– 95kg: Zamiq Atakishiyev (Azerbaijan) vs. Sam Tevette (Netherlands)
– Heavyweight: Aghalar Sadiqhov (Azerbaijan) vs. Muamer Tufekcic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
– 91kg: Anar Mammadov (Azerbaijan) vs. Janosch Nietlishpach (Switzerland)
– 72.5kg: Ismat Agazade (Azerbaijan) vs. Husnu Sari (Turkey)
– 91kg: Vuqar Kazimov (Azerbaijan) vs. Mirko Kulacsik (Hungary)
– 86kg: Etiram Rzayev (Azerbaijan) vs. Uros Bogoyevic (Serbia)
– 72kg: Ramal Aslanov (Azerbaijan) vs. Cristian Milea (Romania)

More details to follow next week.

PRESS CONFERENCE will be LIVE Monday April 30 on their YouTube page SuperKombatK1FanPage

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