SUPERKOMBAT® New Heroes title bouts and elimination fights all over the world in 2014

SK New heros

SUPERKOMBAT® Fighting Championship officially announces that after the succesful year of 2013, which was structured as a season in 3 divisions (Tryouts, New Heroes and World Grand Prix series) for 2014 is ready to launch another international qualification system available for the fighters all over the world.

SUPERKOMBAT® Fighting Championship’s president, Eduard Irimia, revealed that the board decided to start this project as a consequence of the big amount of various promoter’s wish for SUPERKOMBAT® Fighting Championship events. “I received many requests from different promoters, but we cannot cover them all, and in addition, not all of them can afford a budget for a premium production. We decided to offer licences for the promoters who want to work with us in 2014 so they can host in their own events qualification fights at different divisions for SUPERKOMBAT® Fighting Championship’s premium events, which was broadcasted live on more than 70 countries in 2013. Also, SUPERKOMBAT® New Heroes belts are available and all the promoters can contact us via our official website or directly via e-mail at“, explained Eduard Irimia.

After a 2013 season with 17 events, starting with the Tryouts in Athens, this time also SUPERKOMBAT® Fighting Championship will start the next season in Greece, on January 18th, when one SUPERKOMBAT® New Heroes title bout at -80 kilograms between Alexandros Chatzichronoglou and Clyde Brunswijk will take place, also two elimination fights at heavyweight and middleweight division has have been added at “Kimbos Superfights” event in Athens.

“Those kind of events are not organized by SUPERKOMBAT® Fighting Championship but the promoters can get the license to host the elimination bouts. The winners of these qualification fights will have their places in SUPERKOMBAT® Fighting Championship’s events, including the New Heroes and the World Grand Prix series. On the other hand, all the events and qualification fights included in other events will be announced exclusively on SUPERKOMBAT® Fighting Championship’s website“, added Eduard Irimia.


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