SUPERKOMBAT is looking for the New Asia Hero !

SUPERKOMBAT is looking for the New Asian  Hero!


SUPERKOMBAT® Fighting Championship, the industry leader in fight production throughout Europe, has started the searching for the Asian New Hero. The first international selection will be taken at Superkombat New Heroes VI and Unified World Championships during of Oriental Festival (Carrara, Italy, October 31 – November 3). All the Asian fighters can send their intentions to fight for Superkombat at or filling the form contact from


“From January, when we started this project with New Heroes, we had events in more than 10 countries around 3 continents. Now, we cooperate with Oriental Festival and between October 31 and November 3 we will continue our plan. More than 5.000 fighters from 113 countries will attend at Unified World Championships and the best of them will be selected for Superkombat. I’m really confident we can find also New Hero from Asia. Everyday we will have tryouts to discover the New Hero”, said mr Eduard Irimia, president of Superkombat.


Also, the best fighters who will participate at Unified World Championships from Carrara will be selected for next Superkombat events. From -67 kg to +91 kg, all the fighters will be scouted by Superkombat stars and officials. Superkombat New Heroes from Italy will be the sixth edition of this year after Croatia (Opatija), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Austria (Vienna), United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and Romania (Targoviste).


As we announced before, Eduard Irimia, CEO of SUPERKOMBAT®, and Michele Panfietti, CEO of Orient Festival, signed a worldwide agreement for the 2013 Edition of the biggest oriental show from Europe, scheduled between October 31st – November 3rd in Carrara (Tuscany), Italy. Mr. Irimia will be the TV producer of the event and in the last day of the festival a SUPERKOMBAT® New Heroes “Asia vs. Rest of the world” will close the martial arts world championship, where will attend 5.000 fighters from 113 countries and 5.000 martial artists for 120 martial seminary.


“Orient Festival is a challenge for me. At SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix events we had even 20.000 spectators, but here we will have a 100.000 audience and this is huge. As I said before, as a main-stream promotion, we always create a mix between artial marts, culture and history. The event will be broadcasted via SUPERKOMBAT® TV media partners in more than 100 countries”, said Eduard Irimia, CEO of SUPERKOMBAT® Fighting Championsip.


“We know SUPERKOMBAT® Fighting Championship, is the industry leader in Europe so is an honour to work with them. It is just the beginning of our global cooperation”, said Mr. Michele Panfietti. “We are very glad we will have a New Heroes event at Festival dell’Oriente especially in the first days a Unified World Championship will be organized here. An incredibile event is announced. Amateur and professional events for the first time in a huge festival of martial arts”, added Mr. Panfietti, CEO of Festival dell’Oriente and also WKA-WTKA World president.


About Festival dell’Oriente

From October 31st to November 3rd 2013 in Tuscany at the exhibition complex “CarraraFiere”, close to the seaside where the port of the marble’s city is located, the third edition of an exclusive event will take place. After the huge success of the previous edition, 50.000 square meteers of covered space will be completely at your disposal to discover East: photographic exhibitions, bazaars, market stalls, local cuisine-food, traditional ceremonies, natural medicines, concerts, dances and martial arts will take turns on four stages and in many areas dedicated to various countries. You will experience traditional therapies for free, you can also visit the areas dedicated to health and wellness (Yoga, Ayurveda, Bach flowers, Theta healing, Meditation, Vegan space, Reiki, Chi Kung, Thai Chi Chuan, Shiatsu, TuiNA, Organic music, Rebirthing, Holistic therapies, Postural Integration, massages, and many others). Let yourselves transported into the magic of the East: India, China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Morocco, Philippines, Vietnam, Tibet, Mongolia, Nepal, Burma, Korea, Malaysia, Cambodia.


Media Contact

SUPERKOMBAT® Media Management

Alin HUIU – Media Manager

Bucharest, Romania

Phone: 40 720 306 615




Organization Overview


SUPERKOMBAT® is a martial arts championship with fights at various weight divisions and also includes an elimination tournament for the heavyweight division. All the events are based on fights at stand-up rules between fighters from all around the world, coming from different fight disciplines as boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, judo, karate, muay thai, and wrestling.The difference from other similar concepts is that SUPERKOMBAT® focuses on the mainstream promotion and creates various stories in touch with the local media around the world, thus creating a global synergy with the general public. In its events, SUPERKOMBAT® uses fighters from all around the world. In the last two years the specialized martial arts media has begun to consider SUPERKOMBAT® to be the European fighting championship leader on stand-up rules broadcasted worldwide due to its 6 live events and another 6 events in replay. SUPERKOMBAT® is covered in more then 70 countries from 5 continents via Eurosport International & Asia Pacific, Fight Now TV and Epicentre TV.

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