The Super Beast ready to take Thunderdome by storm

The Super Beast ready to take Thunderdome by storm                                                                            523617_464075770292443_1555094133_n

By: Donald Pierce Colorado

Canaan Grigsby

6’2   185

Pro: 1-0-0

Amateur: 4-0-0 (note only one of these fights lasted more than: 60 sec)


Let me start by saying it was fun doing this interview Canaan “The Super Beast” Grigsby is one of the most honest guys I have talked to he tells it like it is and doesn’t hold back. But when you hold titles like Amateur Middleweight Champion for Made For War, Fight To Win MMA and 2012 Breakthrough fighter of the Year and with the nick mane of the Super Beast (A nick name given to him by promoter of Made for War John Abrams) and one of the biggest middleweights I have ever meet you can say and do whatever you want.

Starting in martial art as a young kid Mr. Grigsby looked up to UFC vet Shane Carwin and seeing that the guys at the Grudge Training Center hand great hands because legendary couch Trevor Wittman Mr. Grigsby found his home. Going in to training at Grudge Mr. Grigsby weighed a very big 230 and where he would have his first fight at heavy verse Harrison Wright a fight with “big, big power” Mr. Grigsby told me “it felt like he broke my face, and he did my noise but yeah that guy is a stud”. Within a year Mr.Grigsby had lost 10 to 15 pounds and wean he decided to make middle his new kingdom and he was going to be king.

I asked Mr.Grigsby how it is training at Grudge with all the great fighter that comes out of there “it’s another level! You either get better or get weeded out. Period. Grudge is a Mecca for Hugely talented Fighters so I am blessed and have never regretted making this move not even for a minute!” And I would have to agree if you have never seen him fight what amazing stand up and a great ground game he is the perfect specimen for a fighter. Not being tied down to one promotion Mr. Grigsby is going to take Colorado by storm elevating his skills every day I asked him his plains and he said “I’ve got some work left to get done with some areas in my training but im creeping in on those bigger shows very soon! I definitely keep a large over view of Fighters in the Midwest and where their talents are and make sure im covering those areas in my training. I don’t have any specific Fighters I’m targeting as guys I think I need to beat but I am going to be looking at taking Fights back home in Oklahoma real soon and I’d imagine start bouncing back and forth doing shows here and there Until I beat up enough guys to get me in Larger Shows”.

I got to be honest the first time I met Mr.Grigsby was January 26th  at one of my fights it’s the first time I meet him face to face and not over IM on Facebook he was a guanine cool guy gave me words of advice and wished me luck. That night I didn’t do so good in a matter of fact I got smashed in .11 Sec but when I talked to him battered an bloody he told me nothing but positives and encouragement, that’s what makes him a great person and fighter always there to try to help somebody get better or just say hay you can clean this up a little. That same day I was walking through the venue the fight where the fight wear at I got to see something you don’t really get to see to two top of the line fighters, Mr.Grigsby and Adam Stroup from Factory X  have words and not nice ones to say the least I asked Mr.Grigsby if we would see a fight between the two “I’m not seeking that fight because the guy doesn’t offer me anything with a win over him. I don’t want to fight Colorado’s left overs. I genuinely do have malcontent for the guy though. He was offered top dollar to fight me and turned it down, so apparently he doesn’t want to fight. He thinks he’s tough and I’m of a different opinion” wow me as a fan and a writer I want to see the fight happen. But first he has his battle at Inkd OUT and Sparta Combat League Presents Thunderdom the first of its kind event and Mr.Grigsby is at the for front of the battle he has a very exciting battle with standup fighter that was never been finished I asked him without spilling your game plain how you think you will win he told me “That’s were he’ll get to find out everything I’m capable of.haha I plan on controlling where the fight happens I’ll put it that way.” You got to love the honesty in this guy love him or hate him he is one great fighter I see him willing this fight via KO or TKO check out see Cannan Grigsby on you tube to see what I’m talking about. Then I asked him if he would like to thank and this is what he had to say “Yes I’d like to Thank Denver Chiropractic to whom I wouldn’t even be Fighting this fight if it wasn’t for Dr Trent Artichoker, Grudge Training Center for giving me a gym to call home and the best coaches and training partners I could ever ask for, My Strength & Conditioning Coach Allen Watkins for always being there for me, Fidel Martinez and The

Entire Martinez Family for their Support and their unwavering belief in me as a Fighter, Wrestling Coach and near and dear friend Rudy Martinez for going above and beyond Coaching duties to make sure I get the training I need! My newest addition to Team Super Beast Eric Telly with Steadman & Hawkins Sports Performance, Hotmixology Lounge & Scruffy Murphys for all their faithful support, ArmBrust Pro Gym for giving the best Gym to call home and sponsorship and Made for War for sponsoring me”. My last words good Luck Canaan I hope you nothing but the best.






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