SteelFist XVII Results

SteelFist XVII   7/13/13

Preston Black vs Wilfred Hall – Wilfred Hall wins via Unanimous decision
Charlie Andrews vs Eric Tua’one – Eric wins via Armbar in the 1st round
Daryl Spens vs Jeff Carson – Carson wins by tapout to Guillotine in the 1st round
Sterling Hartlerode vs Paul Sanders – Paul wins via armbar in the 1st round
Brad Darrington vs Austin Miller – Brad wins via split decision
Brayden Percival vs Omar Ramirez – Brayden wins by tapout to strikes in the 2nd
Danny Gunn vs David Ate – Danny wins via Rear naked choke
Partick Comeaux vs Joshua Richards – Patrick wins via Rear naked choke submission in the 1st
Jeremy Bradley vs Dan Parkin – Jeremy wins via tapout to Guillotine in the 1st
Sean Whalen vs Jimmy Talamentez – Sean wins via Rear Naked Choke in the 1st
Luke Oliver vs Lynn Schulz –  Lynn wins via armbar at about 4:55 in the 1st
Landon Selin vs Evan Johnson – Landon wins via TKO in the 2nd at 
Gabriel Pelayo vs Daniel Stratton – Daniel wins via Unanimous Decision
Mike Arrant vs Carl Dieckmann – Mike wins, Carl seemed to have some problems between rd 1 and 2 and the Dr stopped it

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Photos provided by Rob Norbutt

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