Sparta Combat League: PHENOMS. Results & Recap

Sparta Combat League: PHENOMS. Recap


You can fill the excitement in the crowd of Denver’s Grizzly Rose it’s fight day. And the card titled simply PHENOMS lived up to the hype.

Highlights of the night:

Kevin “the bulldog” Breidenbach took on Don” Doomsday” Westmen, Being a heavy underdog Breidenbach was more than game taking down Westmen early. In the first landing some good ground and pound Westman Got to his feet and landed hard strikes. Then delivering a illegal knee that rocked Breidenbach clearly to some pep out his step the two then exchanged strikes Westman put Breidenbach to the mat taking his back and landed ground and pound just to get stopped buy a illegal punch to the back of the head Westman had a point taken away. The fighter’s exchanged strikes and Westmen finally put the game Breidenbach down for the night and capturing the 205 Sparta amateur title and well deserved win.

But the night wasn’t over as top 265 amateur champion Big Steve Paprocki took on his biggest test to date as he took on Ivin Emrick and didn’t take long to see Paprocki much improved striking as he landed hard leg kicks and hard strikes at one point throwing a high kick that brought the crowd to their feet but Emrick wasn’t going anywhere. Going into round Emrick came out guns a blazing but Paprocki delivering hard shots put Emrick down for the night solidifying why Big Steve Poprocki Is the best 265 amateur in Colorado.

Fight of the night

Charlie” Hollywood” Brown vs Garrett Culpepper

KO of the night

Steven Paprocki


Full results:

Brown Def. Culpepper via Split Dec

Meredith Def. Matthews via UD 

Sinn Def. L.Breidenbach via TKO Rd3 for the 125 Sparta woman’s title

Paprocki Def. Emrick via Tko rd2   Retaining the Sparta 265 title 

Westman Def. K.Breidenbach via TKO rd1 for the Sparta 205 title

Massey def.  Gonzalez via SPLIT DEC 

Rowland deff Mendez via UD 

Gunderson def Haller via UD


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