Sparta Combat League “Gladiators” Results

SCL: Gladiators 11/9/2012


Bout 8- Stroup Wins unanimous  decision over Michael Matthews RD#3


Bout 7-   Johnson via ko over  froust  @ 2:29 of round 1  (punches)


Bout 6-  lari via (tko) over scott @  :15  of  round 2  (ground and pound)


Bout 5- Bice via (tko) over oligo @ 1:05 of round 1 (ko buy  Rear naked choke)


Bout 4- Mattison via submission  over Archuleta @ 1:09 of round  1 (head and arm triangle)


Bout 3- Heredia via tko (verbal submission) over Gonzales  @ 1:09  round 2  (ground and pound )


Bout 2-  Riley  via tko (fighter could not finish ) over Stewart  @ :41 sec round  (Stewart got injured on a throw and could not finish )


Bout 1- Rowland via ( tko) over Connell @ 1:11 of  round 1 (punches) not this was a may Thai fight


My option  awards go to


Fight of the night—–Lair vs. Scott

Knock out of the night ——rocky Johnson

Submission of the night ——–Brandon Heredia 


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