Sparta Combat League – Chaos in the Cage Results

Sparta Combat League – Chaos in the Cage  5/18/13

Kris Hocum def Charlie Brown via UD Welterweight Title 

Jason Clayton def Chris Trammel via RNC RD1 @1:18

Patrick Cummins def  Willie Smalls via Guillotine RD1 @3:19

Josh Huber def Ben DeAnda via UD 29-28 (x3)

Daymar Ortiz def Tommy Garcia via RNC RD1 @1:32

Jon Garcia def  Ray Orosco via SD 29-28, 28-29, 30-27

Zac Riley def  Albert Tapia via Armbar RD1 @0:43

Steve Paprocki vs. Kenneth Atkisson

Chance Chin def Sean Meineke via RD1 @???

Breyzan Badbear def Seth Benson via TKO RD1 @2:21

Kickboxing  Vicky Keller def  Sara Wennstien via UD 29-28 (x3)

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