A small chat with a small fighter (Jamie Mahood)

A small chat with a small fighter (Jamie Mahood)

By Spencer Kirksey [twitter]

Fighting at 110lbs and under sounds crazy right? Wrong, it’s called the Women’s Atomweight division and we may have found a future star in it.  Jamie Mahood of Columbus Ohio will be fighting for the first time as an amateur soon and it will be at Atomweight. It’s always great to find new fighters especially for a division so small (in two ways). I got the chance to interview her and the only thing I can say is that she sounds pumped to get out there and fight!

Q: What got you interested in Mixed Martial Arts?

A: My boyfriend (Nick) did, he started taking me to watch fights and then he told me that he wanted to start training to become a fighter. I started working with him on that and then I fell in love with it too.


Q: Which weight class do you feel will be best for you to fight in?

A: I already know it’s going to be Atomweight. So it’ll be me fighting a lot of tiny women. Which may make it even easier for me.


Q: What are you doing as of now to stay in fighting shape?

A: I’m working out constantly, going to the gym before and after work, eating healthy, and running all the time. I also train with Nick when I can and that’s about it right now.


Q: Do you plan to join an MMA gym or fight independently?

A: I would really like to join a gym as soon as I can afford it.


Q: Any gym in particular you’re looking at?

A: Right now I’m looking to join Buckeye MMA but as soon as I save up some money and start fighting more I’ll start to look around for a gym.


Q: Getting ready for your first amateur fight, what do you feel is your biggest strength?

A: I’d have to say my ground game… wrestling definitely!


Q: How does having a guy like Nick to train with help you?

A: It helps me a lot; I mean he has punched me in the face so many times. Here’s the thing, we don’t use head gear or anything when we’re sparring. I never want to put the head gear on or anything, I just want to get out there and start training. I don’t want to wear head gear all the time then the second I start fighting get hit in the face and be like “owww oh my god”. I want to be ready for it you know?


Q: Finally is there anything that you would like to say to all the other Atomweight fighters out there?

A: I’m going to kick your butt… haha no but I’d like to say that big things come in small packages just like us.  

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