Sinn times 2. Two weight division champion ready to make a splash at the next level

Sinn times 2. Two weight division champion ready to make a splash at the next level

By Donald Pierce Colorado


When you go to most events in Colorado you will usually see fan favorite Shannon Sinn, always supporting local MMA fighters this Sparta two weight division champion,RFA veteran and ring of fire veteran she is always ready for a good fight. As a star track and field star athlete Shannon was all ways striven to be the best. Shannon was looking for something to keep her busy and in shape then came MMA. Always eager to learn and sharpen her skills Shannon started to train and fight then she found Albert Rosals from strictly boxing and she found her home.

When you hear her name announced to the ring and hearing No One Left Standing pumping thru the speakers you know there’s going to be a fight adding the deafening roar of the crowed its go time. From her walk to the ring you can see the confidence in her no fear just ready to bang. She always makes her fight exciting to watch being a well rounded fighter I ask her “what style of fighter would you call your self” in one of the best answers a person can tell me she simply said ” I like to dominate my opponent”. In her last fight she did just that as she took on up and coming Latrishia Breidenbach. At the start of the fight it was clear Sinn was there to take what was hers, a 2nd title in a 2nd weight division. With a amazing show of composure Shannon took out her opponent with amazing hand speed and striking accuracy . After winning she all ways shows amazing sportsmanship giving credit to her opponent.

One thing is clear this fighters has all the tools of a pro fighter and I asked if she was making the jump to the deep end of the waters to the pros and she was more the honest saying “Invicta is a big goal of mine” also saying though  ” I am taking it day by day if it happens it happens”. Since training with her boyfriend Albert Rosales she is under a little added pressure to be better and faster and stronger every camp”, but that is what makes the making of a world champion a coach and a fighter pushing for greatness Albert told me “Shannon is easily the hardest working fighter I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and she hasn’t even scratched the surface of what she is capable of. When she starts to see that in herself, the sky’s the limit. I’m honored to be by her side on her journey” that’s a scary thing if you have see what she has done to her opponents.

Getting to know Shannon threw our talks I must say she is one of the most humble fighters I have been able to talk to she gives credit to her team and ways has positive things to say and as a great role model for little girls and always has great things to say about her fallow fighters ” we have some of the best in the sport right here. All the females I have worked with have been willing to help in any way they can” strong words from the best woman amateur fighter out there only time will tell if she turns pro one thing is for sure is it will be a battle because Shannon is coming to win a relentless pace a well disciplined this is the making of the next great professional athlete. Form reading thru social networks  I found out she will be in attendance for Invicta 7, if Invicta was smart they would sign on her on the spot for the future is right in front of them. I asked Shannon if she wanted to thank anyone and she said absolutely ” I would like to thank Albert Rosales for everything he has put into this journey, my teammates and Rick Lopez at Strictly Boxing, Censored  Wear, Copper Rail, MMA Roadhog, Spartan Labs, No One Left Standing ,Cage Life, Rachel Morris and Brenda Lego”.

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