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 ShoFIGHT MMA held it’s 4th Annual Outdoor MMA Event and Block Party at the Outback Complex in Branson, MO last Saturday night. The Main Card was stacked with champions from 10 separate organizations, with the undercard filled with several Top Newcomers from across the Midwest. Fans in attendance were able to view Champions versus Champions during this night full of Submissions, TKO’s and Hard Fought Battles, while ShoFIGHT’s growing International fan base was able to view the Main Card LIVE via PPV at GFL.TV.

 ShoFIGHT Title

Here are the results for ShoFIGHT XXVI:


Foust defeats Breeden to win the Welterweight Championship:

    With former ShoFIGHT Welterweight Amateur Champion Damon Jackson, (4-0 Bellator,) vacating last Fall, the Welterweight Title needed to be assigned. ShoFIGHT CEO JT Tilley offered COH Champion Breeden and ShoFIGHT Champion Foust the opportunity to compete for the vacant title. Both Breeden and Foust came out fighting aggressively, punching, clinching and throwing knees back and forth. It was a four round battle that went to the mat only twice during the fight with the fighters getting right back to the feet to showcase some very impressive standup. Both fighters showed lots of heart and fought hard with Foust winning a close decision and becoming the first ShoFIGHT Champion to have won a title in three separate weight classes. After vacating the Light-Heavyweight title early in the evening, Foust now holds the ShoFIGHT Welterweight and Middleweight Straps.

   Immediately following the his impressive performance, Tilley offered Breeden a fight with Champion Matt Rosa at ‘ShoFIGHT 27’ for the Lightweight Championship.


Groundshark defeats  Roberson for the Featherweight Belt:

    Former ShoFIGHT Featherweight Champion Aaron Roberson had been scheduled to face another opponent on the card, but a last minute injury produced a vacant title and an opponent in veteran fighter and SPIRE Champion CJAY ‘Groundshark’ Hunter. Both fighters came out with determination and wanting to get this fight over fast. The fight began on the feet but despite Roberson’s attempts, Hunter continually took the action to the mat. Roberson fought his heart out keeping the contest even during the first two rounds, but Hunter kept the fight on the ground during the last two rounds winning by unanimous decision and becoming the NEW ShoFIGHT Featherweight Champion. He was then contacted by original opponent BMF Champion Ross Campbell from his hospital bed and a bizarre face-off between Groundshark and the Cell Phone cemented future plans for a SUPERFIGHT.

BRAWL INC Champ Parker Bullies ISKA Champ Lee for the win:

   Kevin “The Bully” Parker, BRAWL INC Middleweight Champion accepted this fight 2 weeks before the event when OFL Champion Terry Palmere withdrew for undisclosed reasons. Parker was scheduled to face ECF Champion TJ Jones until Jones suffered from weight issues and was replaced with ISKA Champion Lance Lee on fight week. The ShoFIGHT Light Heavy Weight Championship was formerly held by Rance Foust but was vacated leaving Parker vs Lee to decide who would take the title on this night.

   Both fighters came out swinging from the start with Parker winning the exchange and hitting a textbook double leg takedown and working several submission attempts, one of which, a Kimora, had Lee screaming in pain before ‘the Bully’ seemingly released it to avoid injuring his opponent severely. Parker took Lance’s back, threw several blows to soften his opponent up and got the win early in the first round by rear naked choke. Parker’s last two fights have resulted in Championships; the BRAWL INC Middleweight Title and now the ShoFIGHT Light-Heavyweight Title, which he intends to vacate in the near future and return to the Middleweight Division.

‘Chicken Hawk’ Thompson upsets Ray Allard for the Flyweight Championship:

   Undisputed ShoFIGHT Flyweight Champion Allard was looking to set a new ShoFIGHT record with his 7th consecutive title defense versus Thompson of Westside MMA in Little Rock, Arkansas but Thompson had traveled to Branson, Missouri with an upset on his mind.

   These two went to war right from the start. Using their impressive skills in both Striking and Jiu Jitsu in a back and forth battle of attrition. Both fighters continually attempting to finish their opponent. Thompson applied just enough pressure on Allard to come out with the victory and take the ShoFIGHT Flyweight title in one of the evenings several upsets.

Katy RED DRAGON Collins upsets RGP Champion Davis to become Champ:

    Collins accepted the Title fight 2 days before the Event when COH Champion Brittany Dugas was unable to compete. Entering the cage as a significant underdog facing RGP Champ Davis, who is currently ranked #13 in the world by WMMA, Collins had her work cut out for her but was looking for the upset.

   Davis came out showing fans how she earned the moniker ‘Stryker,’ catching Collins with a few power shots before she was clinched and tossed to the ground by the RED DRAGON, who immediately showcased her improved grappling skills promptly mounting Davis and landing several strikes before taking her opponent’s back and finishing with a Rear Naked Choke at :27 seconds. The capacity crowd at this outdoor event went wild as Collins dropped to her knees in disbelief that she had become the NEW ShoFIGHT Women’s Champion. Katy Collins has now won her last 3 fights in less than 30 seconds and should move up in the amateur rankings after this impressive victory. Congratulations to fan favorite and comeback queen Katy RED DRAGON Collins.

Will “The Thrill” Lavine defeats Travis Golden at Welterweight:

   Will Lavine has emerged this season as ShoFIGHT MMA’s top newcomer, winning his first 3 fights by knockout all within a 45 day period. This fight however, would be a test for ‘the Thrill,’ as was scheduled to face powerhouse wrestler and Joplin Brotherhood fighter Travis ‘Not Cool Enough To Have a Nickname’ Golden.

    Both fighters came out striking and working their respective clinches. Golden caught Lavine in the groin with a hard knee and referee Chris ‘Crazyman’ McDaniel stopped the action giving 5 minutes for recovery. When the action resumed, the contest went to the ground with Lavine in Golden’s guard. Golden worked his intense ground and pound until Lavine swept him and ended up in the mount, resulting in Golden giving up his back. After an impressive scramble, Will ‘the Thrill’ Lavine submitted Travis Golden with a textbook triangle choke in the first round.

    Lavine was contacted after the Event by BRAWL INC and will next compete on June 1st for the promotion’s Lightweight Title.


Dustin Luff defeats Ron “The Wolverine” Bata via RNC – Round 1

Michael King defeats Dustin Stewart  via TKO – Round 1

Rob “Boogaloo” Hall defeats Trae Renner via TKO – Round 3

Max Humphreys defeats Shawn Boone via TKO – Round 1

Michael Heckert defeats Harley Heavener via Ref Stoppage (injury) – Round 1

*Fight Fans can view ShoFIGHT XXVI online via PPV at GFL.TV

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