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By…HR Baker It was a Great Saturday Night in Independence, KS at ShoFIGHT:VINDICATION, sponsored by True Value, PEPSI & Monster Energy. The card featured two incredible Championship Bouts, a top contender ?ght and Grappling Matches that entertained the capacity crowd. If you missed this historical event, sanctioned by the Kansas State Athletic Commission,you can still see all this action on iPPV GFL.TV, 14.99.

Ashcraft Tire Main Event: Columbia, Missouri powerhouse Shawn Tiger,(5-1) of Ambition MMA defeated Champion Kevin Parker, (5-5) of Branson Fight Club and became the new ShoFIGHT Light-Heavyweight Champion. These ?ghters came out ready to throw the leather and looked like it was gonna be a stand up war. Parker quickly took this ?ght to the ground and the grappling was on. Tiger eventually caught Parker in a Guillotine Choke and locked it in for the win @ :46 seconds in the 1st rd for the ShoFIGHT Title. I’m looking forward to seeing Shawn Tiger at Middleweight challenging Max Humphrey for the vacant ShoFIGHT Middleweight Title on November 2nd.

XTreme Bike & Sport Co-Main Event: Matt Gaches, (8-2) of Purebred FightClub in Skiatook, OK, became the new ShoFIGHT Lightweight Champion with an upset over Champion Matt Rosa, (14-7) of Hybrid MMA in Spring?eld, Missouri. In the 1st round both ?ghters came out throwing punches and clinching against the fence. Rosa secured a take down and looked like he would claim the victory with several submission attempts,but Gaches successfully defended throughout the ?rst round. The ?ghters came out in the 2nd round displaying some superior grappling with Rosa getting caught in a triangle choke @ 1:28 seconds in the 2nd round. This makes Gaches ?rst ShoFIGHT Title win. The Purebred Fighterwas very impressive and I can’t wait to see him performing again. Gachesalso won Submission of the Night for his Triangle Choke.Top Contender Will Lavine of Outcast MMA in Independence, KS improved his record to 5-2, defeating Doug Morlan, (3-3) of Darkhorse MMA inDexter, MO via triangle choke in the 2nd round at 2:18, this was the Fight of the Night. Both ?ghters came out throwing hands and feet and had the

Crowd roaring for the home town ?ghter Lavine. These ?ghters showcased relentless striking ability. At the end of the 1st round Morlanwas cut badly above and below his left eye, but it never slowed him down.The 2nd round was pretty much the same thing with Lavine getting a take down. With some sticky grappling Lavine secured a triangle choke for the win. These two showed some awesome sportsmanship and I wouldn’t be surprised if their wasn’t a rematch in the future.

“The Afro Samurai,” Marco Hutch of Branson Fight Club gets another ?rst round win and pushes his record to 7-1. Hutch faced Jordan Leggans,(10-8) of Chicago, IL in this middleweight bout. Both ?ghters came out throwing strikes and once it went to the clinch Hutch got a takedown resulting in a mount. Hutch immediately started a relentless barrage of ground and pound with a TKO referee stoppage in the 1st round @ :37 seconds. Hutch said he really wanted it to last longer so he could work on his striking some. Hutch looked strong and says he wants to ?ght the best. Hutch also won KO of the Night.

Under card: Michael Heckert (American MMA Academy) improves his record 2-1 defeating Charlie Walls. (1-1, Outcast MMA) via Triangle Choke, 1st round @ 1:16. This ?ght went to the ground quickly with both ?ghters displaying tight jui jitsu. Heckert escaped an armbar from Walls turning it into a triangle choke tapping out Walls. Very impressive performance by Heckert and improving his skills with every ?ght. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Walls.

Mike King (Outcast MMA) keeps his record unblemished 2-0 defeating Lance Lee 8-14 (Blue Collar MMA) via Rear Naked Choke, 1st Rd @:53.Very impressive performance and look forward to seeing more of Mike King

Chet Mellington (Outcast MMA) wins his debut defeating Garret Nilges1-2 via Guillotine Choke in the 1st Rd @ :30. Mellington wanted that 1stvictory quick and didn’t waste time. He rocked Nilges with a straight right and attacked for the quick win.Grappling Matches: Dallen Gettling (ShoFIGHT Cage Announcer) stepped up when a ?ghter’s opponent was unable to compete at the last minute.

He defeated Gary VanGilder (Outcast MMA) via Arm Triangle, 2nd Rd @

2:00. Gettling went for a north-south choke with VanGilder defending only to have Gettling switching to the arm triangle for the win. Very good grappling match from both ?ghters.Lightweight Ross ‘Dental Floss’ Campbell of Branson Fight Club submitted Light-Heavyweight Richard McLean of Chicago, IL via Rear Naked Choke during their exhibition grappling match in the 1st Rd @ 1:01.

Special thanks to everyone who made this event possible. Fight fans tune in at ShoFIGHT: HEAVY HITTERS, Saturday Nov. 2 @ 7:00 p.m. inside the Radisson Hotel and Convention Center in Branson, MO.
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