ShoFIGHT 24: ‘Branson Brawl’

MMA originated from single night tournaments and now that format has become a reality once again. On December 8th ShoFIGHT in cooperation with BRAWL Inc. and Bout Management Federation will be bringing the most talented, skilled, and seasoned featherweights to the LIVE entertainment capital of the World, Branson, Missouri for the ‘BRANSON BRAWL’ to prove who the #1 guy really is. For the fighters that dare to fight in this tournament, where you have no idea who you are fighting this will be the toughest test of their amateur careers. This is a win/win for fighters because they can get multiple wins in one night and gain a lot of experience. The best Featherweights from ShoFIGHT, Cage of Honor, Pride of the Cage, and Uncivil War have agreed to compete in this event. The winner of the tournament will become the first ever Bout Management Federation featherweight Champion.

It’s funny how this all came together. ShoFIGHT has been promoting shows in this area and has had 23 successful shows and they thought that they were going to have to compete with BRAWL Inc., the new promotion coming to town. BRAWL Inc. was planning to do a single night tournament on December 8th, the same night as ShoFIGHT 24. BRAWL Inc. ran into some unexpected problems with the card and the show was in jeopardy and eventually contacted ShoFIGHT CEO JT Tilley and thanks to the MMA gods they are working together to bring you this tournament of epic proportions. I’m glad that egos didn’t get in the way and both companies came together because it’s what’s best for the fighters and fans.

Safety and concern for the fighters is the promoters #1 concern and to ensure each fighter’s safety ShoFIGHT has contracted Top Missouri Fight Doctor Tom McClain and Michael Driesbach, the commissioner of Bout Management Federation (the sanctioning body) will be at the event to oversee the fighters safety is the first priority. Shofight has also purchased appropriate insurance to protect the fighters in case of injury.

ShoFIGHT 24: ‘Branson Brawl’ will take place December 8th at the Branson Central Theater, which is a great venue for fight fans because there is not a bad seat in the building. Also, I would get your tickets at as soon as they become available because this venue frequently sales out and with all the promoters in the area being involved I expect tickets to be SOLD OUT in record time.

*A total of 12 featherweights. 8 of them are in the tournament. 4 of them are alternates.

*Tournament fights will be one 5 minute round only. BMF has agreed to add judging criteria that no even rounds can be awarded. A winner must be decided in each fight. (After 1st round if an injury causes a fighter to drop from the tourney, an alternate will substitute. If no such injury occurs, then the two winning alternates will face each other.)

*Tournament Final will be three 4 minute Rounds as BMF Sanctioning requires of all title fights.

Fighters will not have knowledge of their opponents for Round One until the weigh ins the night before the event.

After the first Round of Fights, ShoFight CEO JT Tilley and BMF Commissioner Mike Dreisbach, along with Sanctioning Rep Becky Brown will supervise the selecting of Round 2 matchups. Fighters will find out who their round 2 opponent will be within minutes of their fight.

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