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 ” ShoFight 22 was a pro level amateur fight card”

SHOFIGHT 22ShoFight pulled off another stellar fight card with ShoFight 22. featured

ShoFight pulled off another stellar fight card with ShoFight 22. I was impressed with so many fighters on this card. It was a card that featured young fighters and the veterans who are still fighting to get the experience before they decide to go pro in the  future. Dylan Wilson is a young fighter who just recently turned 18 and already is showing that the work in the gym at Branson fight Club is paying off. He got taken down in the beginning of Round 1 and when his back hit the ground he immediately starting working for a submission and got the arm bar in deep. Timothy Tabor slammed Dylan to try to shake him off but the arm bar was locked and Tabor was forced to tap.
Brittany Dugas who trains out of 10th Planet looked great against Katy ‘Red Dragon’ Collins. Brittany pushed her record to 3-0 with her TKO win over Katy Collins. Katy is one of the toughest female fighters in MMA. She is willing to fight anyone, anywhere, any time. That’s not always great for a record but she definitely has the fighting experience and she is a talented fighter. Dugas could possibly be fighting ShoFight Flyweight Champion Andrea ‘Pitbull’ Whitney with one or two more wins.

Corbin Crum is a warrior and got hurt early in his fight with Shonbay Jones from a leg kick and went down. Shonbay got on top and worked for most of the first round with a minute left Crum got an arm but Shonbay was able to defend it. When the round ended you could tell that Crum was hurting from the leg kick when going back to his corner and the doctor stopped the fight. Crum wanted to keep fighting but it is an amateur fight so I believe the doctor did the right thing because the fighters safety comes first.

Chaz Rooks took on Veteran Matt Parsons in a 3 round war that some fans think could have went either way because it was pretty close but I had it going to Rooks and the judges agreed. Chaz Rooks is now 6-0 and has challenged ShoFight Middleweight Champion Rance Foust (10-1) and they will be fighting at ShoFight 23.

In the Main event Pat Garcia took on rising star Marco Hutch for the ShoFight Grand Prix Championship. Marco is going to be a star in this sport. Every time I see him step in the cage I see improvement. He is young and made one mistake in this fight and Pat Garcia capitalized on it. (I had Marco winning 20-18 going into round 3). Pat caught Marco with a triangle and held onto it and Marco refused to tap out and got put to sleep. There was a little bit of confusion and people think Pat Garcia knocked out Marco with the hammer fists. I watched the tape and Marco was out from the triangle but Pat was smart and utilized hammer fists in that position. After the fight Pat Garcia announced he was going to go pro. He is 10-4 and started his career at Heavyweight and dropped all the way to welterweight. Hopefully we will see him on a Shofight pro card in the future.


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Miles McDonald took on Zach Thompson and dominated for 3 rounds. Miles is now the Flyweight #1 contender and I think he has earned a rematch with ShoFight Flyweight Champ Ray Allard. Miles now has a 6-1 record in MMA but his background is what impresses me the most about him. I asked him what he accomplished, and his answer amazed me he said “I Joined the Missouri Guard in 09 got to unit in July of 2010. Was asked to fight in japan in November 2010 and won there. Came back and was told to compete at 2011 Missouri Guard combatives tourney. Was first ever in Mo guard history to win the gold. That same year in March 2011 I went to all guard got 4th in that tourney. Came back in February of 2012 to compete again at Mo guard combatives tourney won that again! Same year went down to all guard again in Fort Benning Georgia competed at 115 and won first! And in July I went and competed at all army which consisted of Marines, Navy, Airforce and Army from all over. Japan, Korea and all territories including Guam and Puerto Rico. Went down there as first person ever for state of Missouri. Only lost two matches to both of which were the prior champions. Ended up taking fourth down there out of a 42 man bracket. Now im back fighting for shofight!

I can’t wait to see Miles McDonald and all these talented fighters back in the ShoFight cage.

Team MMAmadhouse Correspondent  Chris Gregory 

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