Rumble at the Roseland 67 – Live round by round results

Live results from Full Contact Fighting’s Rumble at the Roseland 67  beginning at 7 p.m. at the Roseland on 11/10

Ryan Payton vs Nelson Hernandez (155lbs)

Round 1

We are off in the opening bout, Ryan comes out aggressive and eats a few jabs from Nelson but pushes to the fence.  Nelson turns Ryan to the fence, both fighters working short shots, Nelson with double underhooks tries for takedown and can’t get it, now Ryan pressing Nelson, Nelson with a knee inside and breaks the center.  Leg kick from Ryan and a big right hand clips, another clips, and Ryan pushes into the clinch.  Nelson defending against the takedown, gets the back and drags down Ryan, has both hooks in, working hard for the choke.  Nelson flattening out Ryan, trying to crank the choke, but it’s not yet under the chin.  Ryan trying to find a way out, Nelson adjusts and lets go to take mount.  Nelson with some shots from mount, Ryan stifling last ten seconds, little flurry from Nelson to close the round.

Good round, DC has it 10-9 Nelson


Ryan takes the center early, one-two combo from Nelson lands and a stiff right hand, Ryan throws big but Nelson is working to drag him down with the back again.  Ryan defending, scramble and Nelson ends up on top of Ryan in quarters.  Big shots from Nelson, Ryan is holding on to a single, but Nelson defending and hammerfists.  Another scramble and Ryan ends up in side control, then takes the back of Nelson, now Ryan working for the choke. DC  sees Nelson defending the choke, Ryan working hard for it, Nelson reverses position and ends up in guard.  Ryan stifling as round comes to a close, a few short shots inside guard from Nelson.

Tight round again, DC has it 10-9 Nelson but could go for Ryan.

Round 3

Final round of this opening war, Nelson feints early and Ryan wings a big shot that misses and presses Nelson to the fence, and drags nelson down.  Ryan working from guard, passes to half, Nelson working for full guard, working a high guard.  Looks for an arm but can’t find separation, Nelson fishing for submissions.  Again looking for the arm, Ryan defending, landing shots.  Ryan content to hammer shots in guard, Nelson stifling best he can, action lulls and stood up by ref.  Big shots fired from Ryan, Nelson engages the clinch and presses Ryan to the fence, looking for the takedown. last ten seconds sees Nelson land the takedown while Ryan clutches for a guillotine.

Another close round, DC has it 10-9 Ryan and await the official decision

Nelson Hernandez defeats Ryan Payton via unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)


Kody Hammond vs Ismail Bassam (155lbs)

Round 1

We are off, Bassam circles and eats a jab from Hammond, both flurry big, Bassam coming forward, eats hard counters from Hammond, a big knee from Hammond, Bassam with a hard right hand and a high kick that slips and Bassam falls, Hammond jumps him and gets mount and Bassam bucks his way to his feet quickly.  Both circle out, big exchange again.  Hammond circling the outside and Bassam trying to hunt him down with another head kick that misses.  Hammond eats another right and shots to the body as Bassam works him to the fence, Hammond turns and looks for another knee on the break.  Bassam lands a head kick and now Hammond driving for the takedown and gets the big slam.  Hammond in half guard, looking to pass, attacks and arm, looking for a keylock and it’s close, Hammond keeps working and has the tap!

Kody Hammand defeats Ismail Bassam via keylock submission in round 1 @ 2:48! Great fight!


Kenji X vs Matthew Jeffery (160lbs)

Round 1

Kenji comes out blazing at the glove touch, Matthew with straight punches backs him off and tries to kick at the legs, Kenji grabs double underhooks and slams into side control.  Kenji working to pass, Matthew attempting to wrap up an inverted triangle, Kenji finds room to strike, Matthew bleeding from the nose.  Big shots from Kenji on top, Matthew tries to roll and Kenji takes the back, both hooks in, more shots and rolls into mount, pounding away and gets the stoppage!

Kenji X defeats Matthew Jeffery via TKO in round 1 @ 1:49


Cameron Ericson vs Daniel Dieringer (170lbs)

Round 1

Touch of gloves and we are off, Daniel paws with jabs early, Cameron stalking eats a shot coming in and Daniel avoids the clinch, kicks at the legs and Cameron pushes Daniel to the fence.  Cameron looking for the takedown, Daniel defends and now pressing Cameron to the fence, knee inside, and Cameron again looking for takedown, Daniel threatening with guillotine while Cameron still working for a single leg, completes but Daniel is right back up, Cameron drives still holding on to the fence.  Daniel working strikes and Cameron breaks the clinch, Daniel looks to counter and Cameron works the clinch and tries for a judo sweep and gets Daniel down.  Cameron on top in side control, and Daniel looking for a way out the back, looking to take the back of Cameron, but not happening. Cameron ends round on top.

Solid round of action, DC has it 10-9 Cameron

Round 2

Another touch of gloves, Cameron pressing and eats a right counter from Daniel.  Cameron tries to rush into clinch and Daniel reverses and presses Cameron and gets the takedown, Daniel on top in half guard, passes and has full mount, Cameron quickly regains half guard.  Daniel looking for room to strike, smothering Cameron to try to pass to mount again, staying close.  Cameron attacking the neck of Daniel in half guard, action stalls and stood up by ref.  Cameron stalking again and avoids a high kick from Daniel, shoots in for the double and Cameron has the takedown, in full guard.  High guard attack from Daniel is avoided by Cameron, passes to side control, looking for crucifix position.  Last ten seconds sees ground and pound from Cameron on top.

Close round, DC has it 10-9 Cameron

Round 3

Cameron right away looking to clinch and Daniel avoids and tries to counter, Body kick from Daniel, and a counter right, leg kick lands for Cameron.  Cameron shoots in and has double underhooks and the takedown.  Cameron on top in half guard and passes to side control.  Short shots from Cameron on top now, again looking for crucifix position.  Daniel tries to explode up, Cameron keeps him down.  Daniel stuck in a bad spot, trying to use the fence to make room, Cameron staying heavy with a minute left.  Keylock attempt from Cameron is avoided and the action is stood up from inadvertent knee to the body. Back to the action, Cameron pressing, eats a counter from Daniel and another, but pushes forward in the clinch and lands big combo to the body and breaks.  Daniel throws big leather.  Big flurry from both fighters knees and punches, big knees from Daniel cuts open Cameron in final seconds, and round comes to a close.  Crazy fight!

Daniel Dieringer defeats Cameron Ericson via unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)


John Simon vs Daniel Pihl (185lbs)

Round 1

Touch of gloves, kick attempt early from Pihl as Simon comes forward, scramble and Pihl ends up in guard, Simon with a triangle attempt and Pihl repeatedly slams his way until free, still in full guard.  Simon sweeps and nearly back to his feet but Pihl drags him back down.  Pihl on top in full guard.  Simon working to stifle.  Short shots from Pihl in guard, not enough action and ref stands it up.  Both fighters wing big shots and Pihl is stalking, eats a counter and Simon looks big tries for a takedown and Pihl throws him down, Pihl on top in side control.  Last ten seconds sees Simon get back to half guard, and short shots from Pihl

Good first round of action, DC has it 10-9 Pihl

Round 2

Back to the center, jumping kick from Simon misses, both fighters land punches and Wimon misses a wild spinning backfist, comes forwar with big punches and Simon drops Pihl with a big left hand, Simon on top in half guard, Pihl trying to stifle, Simon working to pass, Pihl holding on to a head, but Simon works free.  Simon attacking and arm, but passes to full guard.  Simon caught by ref using cage and loses position, stood up.  Pihl shoots for takedown and Simon defends, but Simon ends up with the takedown, passes into full mount quickly.  Simon trying to find room now, short shots on top in mount.  Last ten seconds sees Simon on top in mount.

Another good round, DC has it 10-9 Simon

Round 3

Exchange early, wild punches from both fighters, Simon feints and shoots with double underhooks, drags Pihl down, Simon taking the back quickly. no hooks in yet, lands some shots and as Pihl stands Simon lands a big suplex and is on top in side control.  Simon passes to full mount, looking for posture.  Pihl stifling best he can, eating some short shots.  Pihl tries to buck, Simon staying heavy in mount.  Simon can’t find posture, working body shots but Pihl stifling well. Simon finally finds posture and again grabs the cage in the scramble and loses position.  Back to standing, they clinch and look for takedowns, big knee from Simon DROPS Pihl as the final bell sounds and Pihl looked out before the horn.  Still down on the mat.  Another amazing fight. It WAS finished in the final seconds

John Simon defeats Daniel Pihl via KO in round 3 @ 2:58


Alex Jordan vs James Bowers (185lbs Superfight)

Round 1

Touch of gloves, Bowers comes with big strikes and knees early and Jordand backs him off with some counters, Bowers again grabs the clincha nd looks for a knee, and jumps a triangle, crazy scramble and Jordan ends up in side control, on top.  Jordan presses Bowers to the fence, who tries to explode up, but Jordan gets the back, big shots, both hooks in now.  Bowers trying to roll, but Jordan flattens him and is looking for the choke, he has it!

Alex Jordan defeats James Bowers via rear naked choke in round 1 @ 1:24


David Converse vs Brian Tsutsumi (125lbs Superfight)

Round 1

Touch of gloves and we are off low kicks early from Brian, David tries a high kick and Brian catches it and drags him down, steps off and back to striking.  kicks from Brian and David with a stiff straight right that backs up Brian.  Brian tries to shoot and David stuffs, and back to standing.  Big exchanges and Brian pushes David to the fence, but David quickly reverses and circles out.  More kicks from Brian, punches coming hard from David and Brian looks for the takedown again, working for a single but David defending.  Brian tries to scramble and David takes his back, tries for a triangle but can’t slip it in and Brian ends up in full guard.  David attacks for an armbar, it’s close but Brian spins free and is back to guard.  Tries to step down with a big strike, and into guard as the round comes to an end.

Tight round, DC has it 10-9 Brian Tsutsumi

Round 2

Back at it, Kick early from Brian and looks for a knee, avoids big punches from David and pressures again with strikes, then circles out.  David with some big leather, but a lot of misses, Brian grabs the clinch, avoids a takedown and David pulls guard, again attacks an arm, looks dangerous, Brian working free, slams David on his head, arm is free, some BIG shots now from Brian as David still working for an armbar on the left arm of Brian.  Brian with hammerfists passes to side control north south.  David goes quarters for a moment then scrambles back to full guard, Brian again leaving his arm in and David tries for an armbar, but doesn’t have it.  More strikes from Brian, high guard from David, again the arm attack and Brian scrambles free, ends in side control and now Brian looking to isolate an arm.  Last ten seconds sees more ground and pound from Brian.

Brian Tsutsumi looking strong again, gets the 10-9 nod on DC’s card

Round 3

Final round of this super fight, David wades in early with a big shots, Brian with jabs on the outside, and leg kick, another leg kick. Big right hand from David is off, another leg kick from Brian and both exchange straight shots.  Right hand lands flush for Brian, and a kick to the body, Brian in the clinch and lands a big shot on the way out, David against the fence in trouble.  Knees now from Brian, big shots and David is hanging on here.  Brian putting on the pressure in the clinch and on the break.  Another right hand from Brian and David has no energy left to get his back off the fence.  Brian continues to put on the shots, David trying to counter but has no power left, Brian peppering, goes to the knees again.  David eating combos and both fighters are letting it all loose.  David shoots and has the takedown in last ten seconds, finishes round in mount.

Crazy fight, crazy round.  DC has it Brian Tsutsumi 10-9 and we await the official decision.

Brian Tsutsumi defeats David Converse via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


Billy Denney vs Bryan Nuro (155lbs)

Round 1

Touch of gloves and we are off, Nuro takes the center early, pawing with the jab.  Denney with a low kick, both fighters feeling each other out here with feints, Big combo on the way in from Denney and catches a poke to the eye, quick break in the action and we are off.  Denney again works inside with big shots, looks for the takedown and Nuro defends, presses Denney to the fence, knees exchanged on the inside, Denney turns Nuro, but can’t hold hm, and Nuro drags Denney to the mat, moves into full mount quickly.  Nuro looking for posture, Denney fights for half guard, and tries to explode up, almost gives up his back but Denney is back to his feet.  Denney now looking for the takedown, pressing Nuro to the fence.  Last ten seconds sees Denney pressuring for the takedown, but nothing before the bell.

Tight round, DC has it 10-9 Nuro but could go either way.

Round 2

Leg kick starts things off from Denney, Nuro swings in with a combo and Denney circles out, big spinning shot rocks Denney and Nuro capitalizes with a takedown, is on top in side control, and rolls for an arm bar, Denney defends and Nuro moves back to side control.  Denney gets back to half guard, Nuro trying to pass again to side, Denney working hard to keep him in place. moves Nuro to full guard.  High attack from Denney is keeping Nuro stifled, Nuro postures up and steps into half guard again, short shots inside from Nuro and Denney works back to his feet as last ten seconds tick off.

Another round for Nuro on DC’s card, 10-9

Round 3

Final round, Denney throws wild to the body and head, pressing hard early. Nuro turns Denney as he comes in and presses against the fence, knee inside catches Denney low and we see a quick break in action.  Back at it, Denney again coming in and Nuro counters, jabs from Nuro and defends a quick takedown attempt, both fighters looking for big shots and Denney clinches now and presses Nuro to the fence.  Denney gets the legs out and on top in full guard.  Nuro has his back against the fence, Denney trying to pull him away, Nuro explodes with sweep attempt, attacks with a high guard triangle attempt, not locked in, Denney stacking.  Nuro trying to adjust, but Denney slips free.  Denney with some shots on top now, and another high guard attack from Nuro, adjusts and has triangle in deep, Denney trying to defend, last ten seconds sees Denney striking as time falls off of the round.

Last round DC has for Denney 10-9 and we await the official decision

Bryan Nuro defeats Billy Denney via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)


Josh McPherson vs Trent Standing (SHWT Featured Pro bout)

Round 1

First ever pro fight in FCFF history is off and going.  Trent takes the center and eats a big combo early from Josh and Josh moving forward gets swept by Trent, and Trent has full mount early.  Josh in big trouble, works to get to half guard, Trent staying in mount, working for posture, Josh rolls again, Trent using his size well to keep Josh in place, some shots from on top by Trent now, Josh trying to find a way free and he does, Josh on top in full guard.  Josh looking to punch out to posture and lays down some big shots.  More punches from Josh on top now.  Josh laying it down and Trent tries to roll free, Josh moves to mount and pounding away, Trent not responding and it’s all over!

Josh McPherson defeats Trent Standing via TKO in round 1 @ 2;40


Joaquin Rodriguez vs Jason Gray (145lb Championship bout)

Round 1

Gray jabs early, Rodriguez on the outside.  Gray quickly shoots for the double and has the takedown, in full guard. Gray passes to side control, short shots on top.  Rodriguez fights back to full guard, again Gray jumps to side control. Rodriguez scrambles to his feet and Gray with another big takedown and is on top in full guard. Last ten seconds tick down.

Gray takes the 10-9 on DC’s card

Round 2

Jab from Rodriguez early, staying on the outside and light on his feet, Gray tries to shoot again but Rodriguez is gone already, Gray again shoots and has the takedown to side control.  Lack of action gets a standup. Jab again from Rodriguez, Gray wings a big shot and shoots again to an easy takedown.  In full guard again.  Another standup. Rodriguez back to pumping jabs, last ten seconds sees a right hand fom Gray and jabs from Rodriguez.

DC has it 10-9 Gray

Round 3

Jabs again from Rodriguez but can’t stop another big double from Gray.  Short shots from Gray on top, in full guard against the fence.  Gray opening up with some shots and Rodriguez back to his feet for a moment before Gray drags him down again.  Another stand up and Gray lands a big right hand.  Rodriguez pumps a hard jab, misses a right. Left hook is dodged from Rodriguez and Gray again drags it down to the mat, in full guard. Gray finishes the round in guard.

Another solid round for Gray 10-9

Round 4

Rodriguez comes out fired up, and Gray shoots early and has the single leg and gets on top, in full guard.  Gray opens up with shots and Rodriguez is briefly on his feet before another double leg by Gray.  Again in full guard.  Rodriguez pushes off and back to his feet.  Gray grabs a kick and drags Rodriguez down, pushing him to the fence.  Gray warned for knees to the body of downed opponent and back at it, Rodriguez winging punches on the outside and gray with a good straight combo before shooting another successful shot at the end of the round.

Gray steals the card 10-9

Round 5

Final round of championship fight, Rodriguez looking for big punches early and Gray has the takedown. Rodriguez looking to get back to his feet, in half guard, and is back to his feet.  Gray shoots again and has Rodriguez back on the mat.   Gray postures to strike and Rodriguez stands into a barrage and another big takedown.  Gray with short shots, and Rodriguez eventually finds room to stand again, Gray quick to shoot again and is on top.  Gray lands more shots as Rodriguez fights to his feet.  Gray avoids the left hook of Rodriguez and lands a good right hand as the last ten seconds tick down.

Another solid round for Gray and should be a clear decision.

Jason Gray defeats Joaquin Rodriguez via unanimous decision (50-45 x 3)


Dylan Atkinson vs Journey Newson (135lb Championship bout

Round 1

touch of gloves and we are off, Newson takes center early with jabs, Atkinson pressing now, Newson circles the outside with jabs. Atkinson trying to find his range now, jabs from Newson in the face of Atkinson who tries to rush but Newson circles free. Leg kick from Atkinson, another.  Newson staying elusive on the outside.  Atkinson rushes in and presses Newson to the fence and lands a big takedown, Newson quickly using the fence to stand back up and Atkinson dragging him back down, in full guard.  Newson has the neck, working for the choke but Atkinson is striking free and short time left. Final seconds of the round see Atkinson get his neck and head free.

Tight round, DC has it 10-9 Atkinson

Round 2

Atkinson takes the center early and both fighters wing big hooks, Newson staying elusive still.  Leg kick from Newson and circles hard to avoid the counter. Big left hook lands for Atkinson and another, Newson circling to safety.  Atkinson wades forward and stuffs a takedown attempt, presses Newson to the fence, Newson circles free.  Atkinson head hunts for a big shot and Newson avoids, shoots and has Atkinson down, in full guard.  Short shots from Newson on the ground, Atkinson trying to stand up with the fence, grabs for a kimura, Newson take the back, Atkinson still cranking on the arm, and uses it to stand up, lands a knee as the bell sounds.

Another very close round, DC has it 10-9 Newson

Round 3

Newson with a jab early and circles out of the counter.  Atkinson wading forward, pressing Newson to the fence, but Newson turns him, now Atkinson turns again.  On the break Atkinson wings  a big shot that misses, Newson circles. Jab and leg kick from Newson answered by a hook from Atkinson.  Atkinson again pressures for the takedown and gets a big slam into half guard.  Newson stands up but Atkinson gets the back in the process, both hooks in, Newson standing and falls on his back, Atkinson with full back control working for the choke.  Atkinson is reversed and Newson on top in full guard now, short shots and Atkinson scrambles to his feet, on top in side control as last seconds tick down.

DC has it 10-9 Atkinson

Round 4

Atkinson tries to swarm early eats a right hand from Newson.  Newson circling the outside and again Atkinson comes forward and presses Newson into the clinch, but Newson slips free and circles. Right hand from Newson and Atkinson swarms with punches and a big takedown, Newson up quickly, Atkinson drags him down with a single again. Atkinson staying heavy, trying to secure dominant position, Newson works back to his feet against the fence and Atkinson slams him back down with double underhooks.  Atkinson on top in half guard.  Short shots on top as last seconds tick down in the round.

Another round DC scores for Atkinson, 10-9

Round 5

Final round of this title fight.  touch of gloves and we are off, jabs from Newson, staying on the outside.  Atkinson throws a big shot and presses in, Newson turns him and looks for the takedown against the fence. Newson gives up the attempt and circles out, Atkinson shoots big and has Newson down, but eating short shot against the fence.  Atkinson trying to take the back as Newson tries to stand against the fence, and rolls into back control with both hooks.  Atkinson has the back, Newson in quarters and Newson ends up escaping to his feet in the scramble, Atkinson quick to drag him back down.  Atkinson on top in full guard, passes to half.  Last ten seconds sees Atkinson on top with short shots and passes to side control.

DC has that round for Atkinson 10-9 and we await the official decision

Dylan Atkinson defeats Journey Newson via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 50-45)

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